How to Get Own Yoga Teacher Training Certification?

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To become a yoga teacher, you need yoga teacher certification. There are several ways to attain this. Some are more costly than others, also others are lengthier. Which option you choose depends on the amount of time you have to get the certification, as well as how much you’re willing to pay?

Recently, a fellow Yoga teacher mentioned a startling concept. She went on to say, “The vast majority of Yoga instructors I meet are not certified.” I was surprised to hear this; but she regularly hires Yoga teachers and reviews their credentials.

As a working Yoga teacher you would be expected to work with special populations, such people who have health problems, for example: those who suffer from Epilepsy.

Yoga trainer credentialing is relatively new. In the past when the study and practice of yoga was not as mainstream as it is now simply registering as a trainer was thought to be enough.

There are also home study yoga teacher training programs available. When looking at these, it’s best to make sure that they also offer some type of way of interacting with the teacher/students while you are studying. This is usually done through online discussion groups or forums. You will need to provide yourself with a college enrolment in one of the better colleges that will teach not only the yoga poses but also the religion behind the exercises and the Indian culture. You may want to check out the Yoga fit.

The main principle of yoga revolves around the concept of mind over matter, and it teaches individuals to master one’s mind and senses leading to the cessation of misery. Yoga, unlike other exercises, is an antithesis of the ‘no pain, no gain’ philosophy; graceful, fluid movement’s replace muscle pounding workouts, creating a balance of mind, body and spirit.

Since you will need to teach people, you need to access the needs of the environment you reside in and determine if there is demand for Yoga lessons. You can also search the web for Yoga schools in your surrounding and a lso in h otels and fitness centres to determine the level of employment for any Yoga professional.

One type is yoga instructor certification. In order to get this certification you are given the possibility to choose one out of two programs. The two programs have different length. One is 200 hours and the other one is 500 hours. The 200 hours program is required since it gives all the training you need in order to work as a yoga instructor.

There may be a particular teacher with whom you enjoy studying yoga. He or she should be your first stop. Ask them if they have a yoga training program, or to recommend a particular yoga school.

There are many new forms of Hatha Yoga being created and evolving at this moment. If you have a traditional Yoga lineage, that’s wonderful, but times change, and so does Yoga.

Once the training has started the student has to be prepared to undergo a specified number of hours studying asana, teaching techniques, anatomy, and philosophy. The cost for this training program starts at very reasonable prices and programs can last between two months to one year depending on the number of times the student attends classes.

At the end, I can say for becoming a good and successful yoga teacher you need to learn all types of yoga. is one the best web portal I believe for Yoga Teacher Training.

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