How To Meditate While Walking To Increase Your Inner Peace

Article by Diana Cohen

Walking meditation is essentially a form of meditation “in action”, meaning you are not sitting or lying still while doing it. This involves being aware of how you are walking and also examining every detail, interior and exterior. One of the main things which separate walking meditation from sitting down is that you will have your eyes open while doing this. In Zen walking they may be half closed, but still you are able to see where you are going.

You will still need to pay attention to some of the basics, such as your breathing and what you are focusing on. Where you walk can be incredibly important, simply because you want to feel comfortable and allow yourself to relax. Removing all of the tension from your body is key in being successful with this type of meditation.

Because one of your main goals will be to relax yourself physically and mentally, it can sometimes be difficult to still be aware of what is going on around you. This is why walking meditation requires a lot of focus and patience to master it. Many people who have been doing it for years still do not consider themselves “masters” of walking meditation, however the more you do it the better you will get at it. This kind of meditation is all about tapping in to your physical body and being aware of each movement you make during your meditation session.

If you have done sitting meditation in the past, then you will need to pick up some new skills for walking meditation. Sitting down allows you to block out the physical world, because you do not need to see what is around you. When you are doing meditation while walking, you will need to bring your consciousness up to a whole new level. This requires much practice, concentration, and focus. You will be able to use every day situations in your life for practice, such as walking to your car. The mind gets more active once we leave the cushion so it is a challenge.

In Zen meditation there is a section after the sitting meditation where there is often a 5 minute slow wal k in a circle. You continue to meditate but you are doing this as a group in a circle. It helps to get practicing in carrying the inner calmness into daily life. As a side benefit you get to stretch your legs and back after sitting and prepare for the next round of sitting. Another school where there is walking meditation is Breathwalk. In this you use a mantra and special hand positions to keep your focus inside.

Don’t forget you can do walking meditation in many contexts. Even doing cardio exercise can be a great opportunity for you to do walking meditation. Whether you are on a treadmill or simply walking around your neighborhood, it’s always a chance for you to get better at it. One of the goals of walking meditation is to allow your body to relax completely and let yourself become one with your mind and body. It can be highly beneficial for those who feel that they are constantly stressed and need something to help them out.

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