How To Turn Luxury Vacation Rental Properties Into Wonderful Yoga Retreats

Article by Sarah Sullivan

Millions of people are taking yoga classes, and many are streaming to exotic locations for intensive yoga retreats. These retreats are usually found in some of the most intriguing places in the world. Yoga is a very relaxing form of exercise, and it is even more relaxing when practiced in a location that provides peace and serenity. You will see many people practicing yoga in quiet, beautiful outdoor settings, and, if you have the right type of property, you could be hosting these retreats in your luxury vacation rental by welcoming and facilitating those who teach yoga professionally.

Roll Out the Yoga Mat for Your Guests

If you have a luxury rental property that is located in a beautiful location, such as on a lake, a beach, in the woods, or surrounded by lush gardens, you may have the ideal spot for people into yoga to have their retreats. Perhaps the local area surrounding the home offers beautiful spaces for yoga practice while the home would act as a retreat for lodging and meals. Let upscale clients who are into yoga, or who teach yoga know that you have a luxury property that is ideal for their retreats, and be very descriptive in your advertising. If you have beautiful gardens, describe them. Better yet, include plenty of photos and video of people practicing yoga and meditation in your gorgeous property.

Here are some other ways to make your vacation rental more appealing to those seeking great locations to hold small, intimate yoga retreats:

• A healthy diet is an important part of the yogi lifestyle. In your package to yoga lovers, offer to include meals prepared by a local caterer or chef in accordance with the group’s preferences for spa, vegetarian, or healthy cuisine.

• Make it easy for yoga teachers and students from other countries to book your home specifically for yoga retreats. Invest in a quantity of yoga mats, blocks, belts, and blankets. These are essential parts of yoga and if you provide these so that your guests will not have to ship or schlep them in baggage, this could make all the difference in your home being booked over others. Be sure and publicize the fact that your villa is ready and waiting for yoga teachers and their loyal students.

• Provide an appropriate sound system as yoga sessions are often accompanied by music. Consider how you might accommodate extra guests in the home should the teacher be over-subscribed for the event. Perhaps there are intrepid students or those on a budget willing to sleep on cots, temporary mattresses or in a lovely event tent set up outside. Depending on your willingness, and how you charge for the accommodations, this may be a worthwhile proposition to hosting a successful yoga retreat in your luxury property.

• Offer other activities that would appeal to those doing yoga as a break from their practice. Are there delightful local swimming holes, hiking places, beaches or cultural events and places which they would enjoy exploring?

• Take care with the home to ensure at least one flat, large enough space for students to comfortably practice yoga, and ideally with beautiful views or vistas. Other considerations are of course weather and outside temperature and conditions. Always offer instructors a backup plan or place where students may go in the event of a complication. This might be a local yoga or dance studio, the catering hall of a local club or other nearby space.

• Speak with an attorney and have the right property documentation and legal releases in place before the home is booked to those hosting fitness or yoga-related classes on your property.

Where to Advertise Your Luxury Rental Property for Yoga Retreats

If you are looking for fitness- and yoga-minded teachers and their guests to visit your luxury vacation home, choose a nice advertising website for luxury holiday homes. Clients know that they will be searching among some of the best luxury rental properties in the world. There are special Unique categories in the site for homes that host “Yog a and Fi tness Holidays” or that are “Retreat Centers for Hire.” The site also offers special advertorials for private fitness and yoga instructors who can accompany guests on villa stays for the ultimate in personal attention and training.

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