How to Use Mala in Meditation

Article by Shirin Joshi

A mala is a string of beads, usually of 108 beads, used in meditation or prayer. It is also known as japa mala or meditation mala. Mala is used as a tool in different meditative practices to keep counting of chanting or reciting sacred mantras. In Hinduism, this practice of meditative repetition of a sacred mantra or the name of God silently or aloud is known as Japa. Japa mala helps the practitioner to focus on the soulful recitation rather than counting the numbers. Japa enhances the meditative practices. Using this string of beads for prayer can be dated back beyond the written history. Using mala is virtually common in all the major religions and other spiritual practices. In Kundalini yoga meditation, mala is considered as an important spiritual tool for its close connection with Nada yoga, the yogic practice of reciting sacred sounds and mantras.

Generally tulsi wood, rudraksh, crystal, sandal wood are the materials used to make malas. Certain properties of each of these materials leave subtle effects on the human subconscious mind. Eachmala has an extra bead i.e. the 109th bead which is called by various names like Sumeru, Guru bead, stupa etc. A tassel hangs from this Guru bead, which symbolizes a thousand lotus petals. This helpful device holds the concentration of the practitioner even if there are disturbing and distracting noises in the surroundings. The traditional way of using a mala is holding it in the right hand between the thumb and the middle finger. Hang the mala between your fingers and rotate the beads one by one as you recite the mantras. Roll one bead after reciting the complete mantra once. in Kundalini yoga meditation, start from the next bead after the Guru Bead and move towards by rolling from one beads to another while repeating the mantra. Use the thumb to pull the next bead after reciting the complete mantra. Thus, you will reach the summit or the Guru bead after completing the full circle. Here one can start it again or make a special prayer with that Sumeru or Guru bead.

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Meditation is a sadhana, a soulful practice. This soulful practice requires complete attention of the practitioner. This mindfulness is also required for other such practices, like yoga etc. If you are practicing yoga or meditation at home, then choose a quiet corner, play some tranquil meditation music and make yourself ready for the practice session. Wear some loose fit clean yoga clothes which are comfortable as well as suitable for such meditative practice. Your yoga clothes needs to be perfect so as to allow you full flexibility as you perform various poses. Spirit Voyage offers yoga wear which are comfortable as well as stylish. There are yoga tops and T-shirts for women and men. Always try to use a yoga mat or rug as yoga mats provide the support to the back, elbows and knees of the practitioner. One can also use meditation cushions or sheepskin instead of yoga mats. Browse through the yoga accessories section offered at Spirit Voyage and pic k the be st from their huge collection. You may also find some other useful yoga accessories like yoga bags, yoga bottles etc. Dive into the sea of spirituality by practicing mala meditation with the spiritual collection of this online record label music company and enjoy an eternal bliss.

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