Immerse Yourself in the Splendor of Yoga and Meditation

Article by Raj Malhotra

It dates back to 5000 years ago, some Vedic saints thought of a path of physical discipline which will simultaneously initiate their spiritual growth. Sages from that Indus Valley civilization discovered a way or process which will ‘yuj’ human mind, body and soul in a balanced way. The Sanskrit word ‘yuj’ means to unite or to rejoin. This word yuj has been evolved to Yoga. Thus, yoga is the way of uniting the finite jiva or human self with the Brahman or the eternal divine self. Brahman or God is a spiritual and impartial entity that coexists everywhere with us in this mundane world of reality. There are five core principles of yoga which help an individual to attain that higher level of spirituality where one can merge with that divine body. These five principles are Asanas (yoga poses), Pranayama (breathing exercises), Shavasana (proper relaxation), Sattvic aahar (vegetarian diet) and Dhyana (meditation). So, meditation is one of the basic five principles of yoga which is practiced to attain a higher level of mindfulness.

Both yoga and meditation are considered as art, art of living a blissful life. Yoga is the way of getting a grip over one’s own mind, body and soul. Whereas, meditation is just a constant observation of mind by focusing at a single point in order to perceiving the ‘self’. Through regular practicing of meditation, a greater level of will power can be achieved. Meditation does so by calming your soul and liberating it from all unpleasant tensions and stresses. Few equipments play key roles in achieving the goal more easily and smoothly. These powerful equipments, if incorporated in yoga session, can do wonder. Yoga mat is one of them. Yoga mats help the practitioner to get into the asanas more comfortably. These mats give the support to knees, hips, elbows, and at times act like cushions. The Yoga mats also provide a firm grip with their thick texture.

Practicing yoga, in today’s perspective, is one of the most important as well as relevant task like having a phone number. If you do not have a phone number, you will find yourself lost and alone in this busy world. Likewise, we must connect with the cosmic energy to awaken the inner-self and consciousness. Yoga and meditation are just two path leading towards the same goal. Both yoga and meditation help an individual to discover his/her own tranquil inner self. Generally a person remains unaware of this tranquil sense which lies in an untapped manner within. Few forms of yoga like Kundalini yoga awaken and stimulate this untapped source of energy lying in the base of the spinal cord through some meditative disciplines. This powerful energy can change the course of life in a magical way. People across the world are seeking this spiritual path of yoga and meditation to get over their heavy work pressure, tiredness, anxiety and thus living a calm, contented and blissful life.

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