Learn How To Meditate The Easy Way In Less Than 2 Minutes

Article by Jae Jans

Do you want to learn how to meditate but don’t know where to start?

When you think of “meditation” do you think of a guy or girl with their thumb and index finger touching to make a circle, sitting crosslegged on the ground, saying “oooohhhhhmmmm”?

If so you’ll be thrilled to know that you don’t need to fit that stereotype to start enjoying the benefits of meditation.

Meditation has many great benefits that will come to you easier the more you practice it. For starters meditation can help you quiet the non-stop noise that goes on in your mind.We don’t often stop to think about it, but most of us have millions of thoughts cross our mind every single day.

This nonstop traffic in our heads can create stress, cloud our judgement and even affect our health and relationships.

Much like physical exercise, meditation exercises the mind and helps us tap into the unlimited potential of our subconscious mind.

Here are a few simple steps to starting meditation:

1. Set a time you can go to a quiet room or outdoor location where you can be in peace of 15-30 minutes for starters without interuption.

2. Sit down comfortably in an upright chair or on the ground and play some relaxing instrumental music to help you relax. Don’t be concerned with crossing your legs or doing anything special with your hands

3. Observe each thought that passes through your head and recognize the many thoughts that are occupying your mind space.

As you practice meditation more and more frequently you will be able to mentally accept or solve the problems and situations that are continually accessing your mindspace.

As you clear these thoughts out of your everyday thought patterns you will create room for new beneficial thoughts and habits to form.

There are many other methodologies for meditating that we can go into but the basics will give you a way to begin controlling your mind and making room for more abundance in your life.

Once you control your mind pr ogress c an really begin to take place.

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Jae Jans is the author of several success mindset books and runs The Master Key System free online training course in the Law of Attraction.

The Master Key System Book.Learn How to Control Your Subconscious Mind Power.

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