Learning Meditation – Why You Need a Guru

Article by Dr. Robert Puff

Recent scientific research has underscored the fact that people who practice meditation enjoy greater professional success and are also able to cope better with the challenges in their personal lives. Practicing meditation helps people to cultivate better mental focus and gain a sense of control.

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, then you’ll likely benefit by practicing meditation:

* Do you often over-react to stressful situations?

* Are you apprehensive of change?

* Are you prone to impromptu emotional outbursts?

* Do you feel a lack of direction?

* Do you suffer from lack of sleep due to an overactive mind?

Meditation facilitates greater emotional self-control, which helps you to develop a sense of perspective when confronted with a crisis, making the problem seem more manageable. Taking the time to meditate daily can bring back a sense of “I can handle this,” which can make all the difference. Additionally, meditation promotes aroused senses, letting you enjoy the small things in life, such as the color of the morning sky. It helps you to become more observant, enabling you to respond appropriately to situations rather than to overreact.

Meditation helps you to focus more easily. It brings deep-rooted negative and counter-productive thoughts to the surface and quells them, resulting in a greater peace of mind. When meditation is practiced regularly, its mental benefits take root and become permanent. You learn to keep your emotions in check. The sense of control that meditation begets contributes to your ability to deal with the pressures of daily life appropriately and effectively.

Meditation helps professionals juggle their work and personal lives efficiently, enabling them to give their best efforts to both. Recent scientific research has underscored the fact that people who practice meditation enjoy greater professional success and are also able to cope better with the challenges in their personal lives. Meditation helps cl ean up m ental junk, producing a feeling of rejuvenation. It endows its practitioners with clarity of thought and with control over inner desires.

However, meditation is not a journey you should embark upon on your own. You need a guru to guide you through the various meditation techniques. A guru teaches you the nuances of meditation, helps you to understand the different meditation techniques used across the world, and assists you to find what works best for you. When practicing under the tutelage of a guru meditation becomes easy to learn.

A guru helps you to learn about all of the different aspects of meditation. He teaches you to navigate through the thought zone, successfully pausing all of the mind’s activities. Practitioners slowly move from body consciousness to mind consciousness, from an active thinking zone to a thought-free zone, eventually reaching a meditative state that transcends the body and mind.

A knowledgeable guru will introduce you to a slew of meditation techniques such as breathing exercises, guided meditation, and more. Working with a meditation guru, participants will learn specialized uses of meditation that are tailored to professionals who split their time between work and home. These techniques help professionals to deal with the negative effects of stress, counteract the constant intrusion of technology, and to keep cool in adverse circumstances. They help one to develop mental stamina and the ability to sustain oneself. You will learn to perform mini-meditation exercises while in the shower, at the gym, or during a coffee break, helping you to release the toxicity within, and to be the master of your mind and spirit.

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The author of this article is Dr. Robert Puff, a well-known, California-based motivational speaker, author, stress management expert, and TV show host.


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