Life Transforming Tale of Path to Enlightenment

A life transforming tale of first century Celtic boy and girl and their path to enlightenment by Jill Frew, Ph.D. has been released.

This new book published by Dog Ear Publishing tells the story of a young girl and boy on the Isle of Skye in the 1st century BC, Soillse and Fìrinn. Through their lessons with the nearby druid, the young people learn of the Diamond Core or seventh heaven and its consciousness of enlightenment, how to change their outer lives, and step into true love and their highest destinies.

According to the druid, there is an inner spark of the Creator light in the center of each human heart that creates all it shines through, love and fear alike blended into every person’s outer life. Unconscious fears from everyone’s fall from heaven are creating the outer troubles of their lives. But miraculously, this same creator flame heals all fear brought into it, resulting in release from these outer difficulties. Mired in the violence and overwork of tribal traditions, Fìrinn and Soillse learn to face their fears, persist through life’s difficulties, and break through into freedom from fear for all time.

The simple meditative healing method and stages of the path of transformation to true love and world service are clearly illustrated in the lives of Soillse and Fìrinn. These can be learned and applied by every reader. Structures of light that regulate the impulses of intelligence, emotion, and action, phases of child and life development, the Celtic pantheon, the Ogham alphabet, Celtic tree lore, and the hidden Celtic streams of change and healing are also explained, the result of twenty-five years of intensive meditation and research by the author. This book is a call to the people of Alba to raise the standard of love and renew their ancient spiritual traditions. It is also a call for people of every land to move through the transformation process in order to create their own happily-ever-after and together create heaven on earth.

Alba Reborn: Book One, A Druid Path of Return is a moving story spanning the early years of Soillse and Fìrinn’s lives, but more than that, it is a primer of teachings from the realms of light of the Otherworld. Author Dr. Jill Frew, a clinical psychologist and energy healer, has lived through the transformation process she teaches. It is her hope that readers will be inspired by Firinn and Soillse to embrace the transformation process and heal their own inner fears. She is also author of Guardians of the Celtic Way (Inner Traditions, 2003). Her hope is to found a spiritual community in the Borders of Scotland based on principles of love. See Read More @ Source

Solfeggio Harmonics – 285 HZ – Quantum Cognition

A meditation with solfeggio frequency 285. Quantum Cognition is the quality of information processing that encompasses and extends beyond material/sensory based data collection modalities, to include more subtle avenues of awareness, where a direct experience of the nature of the perceiver can be felt and understood in its totality. This direct experience is verified by the perceiver, according to his/her own reality strategy, while also transcending the linear syntax of thought patterns familiar to the intellect. This quality of perception, being uninhibited by linearity, unhinges consciousness from the boundary conditions of the ego thought system – which is rooted in time/space – allowing access to the atemporal reality of our eternal self-hood. Audio Downloads are available at: All music tracks are original and the sole property of Source Vibrations. If you would like to use our audio programs for any reason, please feel free to contact us at:

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