Live a Healthier, Sexier Life with Meditation

Article by Michael Simmons

People from the eastern world have enjoyed the benefits ofmeditation for centuries; often they learn how to meditate when they are very youngby just sitting quietly and in the present moment. We are now seeing the art of yogabecoming mainstream in the western world, people are practising yoga to help withstress and anxiety, lowering cholesterol, lower blood pressure, improve memory,using meditation for easier child birth, or even used meditation as a relaxationmethod to help couples get pregnant, this often happens as they are less stressedallowing them to conceive easier, the benefits of meditation are endless. We haveeven seen couples improve their marriage with meditation as they are able toalleviate every day stresses and anxiety to be able to enjoy the time with eachother even more.So what are you waiting for, isn???t it time you began learning how to learnmeditation, enjoy your life and improved health with meditation? And did you knowmeditation doesn???t need any special exercise equipment, can be practised in thecomfort of your home, sitting in a beautiful park or even in your workspace whileyou take a 10 minute break.

Learning to meditate will take a little practise; after all you have probably liveda stressed life for a long time and maybe not even noticed how uptight you havelived. We are so would up if the elastic snapped we would keep spinning for a longtime, so think of that elastic connected to the organs on your body, your brain andhow much damage we are doing while the elastic is tightening and don???t even wantto imagine what would happen if the elastic snaps.Before we get to that point let???s talk about meditation for a minute. Meditationis simply when you sit or lie down, quiet your mind and just be, ah, sounds easyright? Well, not so for those of us who live the typical stressed life that we havecome to know, so learning to mediate will take a bit of practice, and you can do itbecause it???s just a few minutes a day.

First just to make time and sit will seem diff icult, b ut you can do it, next will beto sit and slowly let your mind quiet, the thoughts of the day and of the followingday will keep coming to mind…have to walk the dog, kids soccer sign up, oh forgotthat paper at work, and that???s ok, this is normal, but as time goes by you willjust acknowledge the thoughts and let them go without going deeper into thinkingabout them, eventually the thoughts will just be thoughts passing and eventuallystop as you prepare your mind and your brain and body knows this is meditation timeand that the thoughts that are just thoughts can wait.Yes, you can do it, if I learned anyone can, and I am a type A, with ADD, and Ilearned to meditate, in fact I needed to before I snapped.To help me meditate I used a guided meditation to keep me on track, it wasinvaluable so check out the meditation program I would recommend and see what youthink.

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So get with the program, learn to mediate, improve your health and your relationshiptoo. Andrea is a life coach, writer, author and speaker; she lovesto help people to discover what they want to do with their life and create the stepsto get there.Visit the links belowhow to improve health with meditationmeditation for couples

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