Meditation and Its Benefits on Health and Mind

Article by Dave Brown

Self-help meditation books are quite in demand these as days as the urbanites are getting increasingly entwined with their work life with no single moment to relax their body and mind. Meditation in the recent decades has emerged as the most acceptable alternative to energize body and spirit which is necessary to balance work and life-after-work. But due to lack of time, it becomes impossible to head for Haridwar or for Rishikesh for a month-long retreat. Books on meditation allow this busy generation to strike this balance in life and rejuvenate their body. In fact, meditation is not only regarded as an ancient practice that unwinds body, mind and spirit. People also meditate today to overcome serious health issues and meditation books can really help the practitioners in a great way.

Though meditation in India is closely related to spirituality since the pre-Christian time, in the past few decades, there has been extensive study on how meditation can be put to use for medical treatment. Today there are scores of meditation books that discuse not only the benefits of this practice first propagated by Patanjali some 2200 years ago but also detail on the respective of postures of different forms of meditation practiced in India. At the bottom, deep meditation de-stresses mind, removes negative energy and inspires thought that are more constructive. One becomes more focused and attains an enhanced consciousness. But there are specific medical issues that can be overcome by observing the correct body posture and books on meditation offer immense insight into these benefits.

Stress: Stress has become the most unwanted gift of modern life and meditation books are there that can give you a fair idea of how meditation and concentration help one to reduce the level of cortisol–the key stress hormone in human beings. Research has shown that during meditation, the production of this hormone is very low and this state continues for hours after the meditation. In fact there are books on medita tion tha t describes how our body attains a state of calmness through meditation which boosts alpha waves in the brain and make our minds more receptive and quiet. An Electroencephalograph (EEG) is also enough to prove that during meditations, the intensity of alpha waves is greater than when we are asleep. Today, meditation is a well-researched discipline and books on meditations provide vital information about the physical and mental benefits of this practice. If you are looking for a reliable meditation destination, you can approach Z Meditation in India.

Heart issues: Cardio benefits of meditation have been published in several renowned journals including Psychosomatic Medicine and a journal called Stroke from American Heart Association. And meditation books often refer to these journals to support claims about the benefits of meditation. According to these books on meditation, yoga and concentration check the level of lipid peroxide, a substance that thickens the walls of artery. These meditation books also claim that blood pressure of those who meditate is significantly lower than those who don’t. Insomnia: Meditation is widely considered an effective insomnia treatment. Muscle tension and disturbing thought interfere with sleep but when you quieten your mind and relax your body, you shake off them and you can take up meditation as a part of your daily chores. Authoritative meditation books provide extensive information about correct posture and meditation technique for good results. Some books on meditation also do propose, though debated, that meditation improves immunity by facilitating increased production of antibody. Research also shows that meditation brings positive emotion by working on some areas of brain. Though some of the claims made in such meditation books are debated, it is really the benefits on health and mind that account for such wide-ranging popularity of this originally Indian tradition.

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