Meditation and Self Help

Article by B. Price

When the days are crazy and hectic, some people find that meditation is one of the best ways to get centered and calm down, and reduce the noise of the day. There are so many advantages that meditating brings for people. First, meditating reduces the amounts of cortisol in the body which is one of the hormones that is produced during stress. Second, it helps boost the immune system and functions of the brain, as well as helping to balance the left and right brain functions because it helps create fresh neural pathways. Third, it helps reduce a variety of emotional issues including depression, fear, and anxiety.

What exactly is meditation? There are a variety of forms of meditation that allows the individual to empty the mind, relax, and concentrate on one specific thing, such as relaxation, or healing, or assorted forms of self help. The most practiced methods of meditation include settling into a comfortable position, generally sitting, and concentrating on something specific, such as a candle flame. Most people find it very difficult at first because the mind is so cluttered with the activities of the day, making it hard to give attention to just one thing and block all other thoughts. Another helpful area is repeating a mantra, such as Om, that also helps focus the mind on a solitary thought. The goal is to achieve a silent mind and be able to control the thoughts. This generally takes a significant amount of practice before the silence is achieved and the thoughts focused.

Once the individual has learned to meditate, there are many areas that meditation is useful for, including building self confidence or self esteem, improving health, solving a problem that has been difficult to resolve, or improving brain function. One of the main beliefs of meditation revolves around the law of attraction; a metaphysical belief that whatever is truly desired can be attained because when one meditates on a specific desire, that meditation helps manifest that desire. The law of attraction require s positi ve thinking and one of the best aspects of meditating achieving a positive attitude.

There are also a variety of guided meditations that are geared for a multitude of reasons. These generally have soft music with a soft, calming voice guiding the individual through a variety of settings; such as walking along a quiet beach and hearing little more than the calming of the waves and the distant call of a solitary bird. Once the calm state of clarity of mind is reached, the guided meditation focuses the mind on suggestions such as enhancing self confidence, losing the anxiety or fears, or focusing the body on healing. When these guided meditations are practiced several times each week, they are very successful in altering a behavior, increasing self esteem, or helping increase the healing process.

Meditation is one of the oldest forms of calming the spirit, increasing creativity and problem solving, or simply relaxing the body in order to achieve rest and necessary healing.

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