Meditation Books Will Help You to Clean Up the Mess Which Is In Your Mind

Article by Lily Candice

Books have for long been known as the repository of knowledge. This knowledge which has been acquired over many years of study and practice by professionals and experts in their various fields of endeavor is put into easily digestible form for the seeker of knowledge to read and learn from. The same is true for meditation books: established and experienced meditation teachers have put a crystallization of their knowledge into meditation books in easy to follow format for the genuine seeker of freedom of the mind to be able to learn from their many years of study and living the art and practice of meditation. Most meditation schools have published meditation books which detail their approach to the art of meditation, and prescribing ways in which the student may make the practice of meditation part of her own life. Z Meditation is a meditation center based in Dharamsala in India where meditation is taught to willing and sincere individuals with the approaches known as Deep Deconditioning Inquiry and Radiant Mantras. These techniques have been put into writing in meditation books which are available to anyone wishing to take to meditation as a way of life.Meditation can be described as a way of life in which the individual seeks to live within a state of calmness of the mind, characterized by feelings of love, peace and happiness. This state of mind enables you to live in a state of complete awareness and thus be able to face the challenges of life and living with a clear mind, and to handle difficulties with a sense of equanimity. The technique of Deep Deconditioning Inquiry as propounded by the Z Meditation center in their meditation books seek to assist you to dig up and root out the conditionings and false beliefs which most of us have collected over many years, starting from childhood; which makes us to react in a robot-like manner to issues and situations. The individual who can reap the benefits from the knowledge within meditation books made available to the public by Z Meditation will be a ble to l ive in awareness and approach situations and circumstances with a much clearer vision, much like the difference between trying in vain to look through to the bottom of a churning body of water, where all the muck from below is swirling around; and seeing to the bottom of a calm, still lake, where the beauty and clearness of the lake will allow you to see the beauty of all within.Meditation books are not at all costly, an almost negligible expense compared with your normal routine purchases of shoes, bags, clothing and drinks, which add almost nil lasting value to you. Meditation books will help you to clean up the mess which is in your mind, dispose of all unnecessary baggage and garbage, resulting in a crystal clear mind with which to operate and deal with any issue with a calm and relaxed approach.Meditation books are however only meant for the sincere seeker who believes in the possibilities available to her through the practice of meditation; and the disciplined among us who are ready to take the path less traveled.

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RaMaDaSa – Snatam Kaur – Love Vibration

Translation – Raa- Sun Maa- Moon Daa- Earth Saa- Impersonal infinity Saa Say- Totally of infinity So- Personal sense of merger and identity Hung- The infinite vibrating and real This song is one of my favorite of all times. I believe it is actually effect time, and when I listen to it, it makes time go slower. It is highly recommended to meditate while listening to it. It has Sun, Moon and Earth energies of healing in it. Thank you Snatam, you are divine that show others the divine in them. I highly recommend on going to Snatam Kaur’s site, it is beautiful and special place to visit. Also, if you have a chance to see Snatam Kaur live, don’t miss it (look in her site for dates and locations). It doesn’t matter what or how do you believe, it’s an amazing event that get many hearts together in universal prayer. JUST GO ***This is song is not mine I have no rights on it what so ever (the original song is the work of Snatam Kaur and she and Spirit Voyage Records have all copy rights in it) , the pictures are all from Google image. ***The song is 13:31 min length, but I had him shorten it for YouTube upload. Blessings of Peace, Light and Love to all. Namaste`.

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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