Meditation Course: Simple and Beneficial Course for Children

Article by Bertil Hjert

A meditation course would benefit you a lot when it comes to leading a good, healthy and stress free life. Children particularly can achieve maximum benefits when they practice it at a tender age.

You would be surprised to know that as soon as a child learns to speak, it is ready to perform a simple sort of meditation. As the children grow, different types of variations are added to these meditation courses. This will keep growing as they become mature.

Many children start meditation from the age of 3. There are several families across the globe that encourages there children to take part in different meditation courses.

Meditation is helpful when the children are studying. This helps in enhancing the concentration of the child. This also provides good amount of relaxation, enhances mental agility and also helps the child in absorbing good amount of information. This is especially helpful in exams and other study related processes.

A child can enhance the ability of gathering self knowledge. This fills a child with self esteem and enhances the level of contentment.

Children who meditate are more likely to enhance mental agility, endurance and intelligence. The creativity of these children is known to be more creative as compared to those who do not meditate.

Experts believe that the difference between success and failure is the ability to concentrate. Most of the spiritual and meditation practices let a child to concentrate his mind without the need to try to concentrate. These things come naturally and spontaneously.

Meditation is also extremely helpful in dealing with the pressure of the hectic lines. Most children have to spend these days due to the pressure of studios and other expectations of parents and loved ones to make it big in exams.

There are several ways to teach meditation to your child:

First is the easiest and the most commonly adopted way, you can hire an instructor who would teach your child how to meditate.

Second, tr y to ask your child to make a huge list of positive thoughts and phrases. The child needs to focus on these phrases and thoughts. You can even record these phrases in your child’s voice.

Third, teach your child, the breathing pattern where he needs to concentrate. Let him breathe in, breathe out and then again breathe in. Let him lie still and relaxed with his eyes closed.

Let the child learn to relax while meditating. Teach him how to solve different problems in life. Let him focus on the breathing pattern.

There are certain things you need to keep in mind, when teaching the child how to meditate:

a) Never force your child to meditate when he does not want to.

b) When he meditates, try to meditate with him. This will enhance his curiosity and interest in the act.

c) Try to help the child when he wants it badly. This will enhance his self-esteem and confidence.

d) As a parent, you need to trust the intuitive understanding of your children. Try to be flexible enough to adjust the method of meditation according to age and the personality of your child.

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