Meditation for Abundance

Article by Alex Lee

Meditation has always been connected with spirituality from the beginning of time. Pictures of an Indian yogi with no material possession, food from other’s donation have been dominating people’s perception about meditation from the old days. Now, more and more people in the western society are taking meditation for a different purpose. Meditation is now widely used for healing mind and body but still with a spirituality twist.

Meditation is one, if not the best, way to communicate with The Source, The One who created everything. If done properly, meditation could bring your frequency closer to The Source’s. When one is meditating in pure unconditional love, all his or her 7 Major Chakras and all Divine Chakras are activated. When Chakras are fully activated, all information to and from The Source flows with little or no interference. When information is received from one’s higher self and The Source, he or she will be able to absorb better information than other people can.

Most of the contributors in The Secret are recommending meditation as a daily routine. Testimonials from hundreds of people proof that meditation works for non spiritual matters. Some people are practicing meditation for attracting material matters such as cars, house or wealth.

People who meditates regularly get better results. Why? Because people who meditates regularly have more active and well balance Chakras. With more active and well balanced Chakras, the channel between his or her physical body, his or her I am Presence and The Source is wider and free of interference. This way, materializing whatever asked will be much easier. For The Source, there is no request that is too big, too difficult or impossible. Materializing $ 1 is as easy as materializing $ 1 Million. The Source has no limit for everything. Limit is created by our conscious human mind. It’s ok to ask for abundance from The Source. Abundance or wealth is not something sinful or evil. When your financial or material needs are fulfilled, it’s mu ch easier to help others and do good deeds to humanity.

With so many different meditation techniques to choose from, one must always trust his or her intuition. Best meditation technique is the technique that allows you to go to The Source directly. Sometimes Light Masters and Angel / Arch Angels offer their assistance, but never give your power away to them. Remember that all of us are part of the Creator. We are all the Co-Creator, we create our own destiny. The Source, God, The Creator, whatever works for you, doesn’t want any of us living is misery, poverty or in pain. Giving us hard time is not part of The Source agenda. Abundance is there for us to ask and grab. Meditation is very useful for asking, visualizing and receiving all the abundance you asked for.

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Alex Lee practices Divine Love & Light Meditation Technique, a very simple meditation technique, making it easy for Everybody to experience deepest state of meditation in just a matter of seconds.

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