Meditation for Beginners – An Introduction Workshop

Article by Pooja Bhutani

IIn today’s fast paced life, often what one really seeks is to find that all important balance between the outer ever changing activity and inner peace. Very few are able to gather the courage to pursue the spiritual journey of self exploration through meditation, the courage to periodically leave all of our goals aside and just be, just relax. Meditation can help reduce stress and open the doors to nurture the peace and joy in our lives. But to make it happen, in the beginning one needs a guide and a proper space supportive and safe environment. The Inner Metamorphosis University in Rogers Park, Chicago is one such center which has helped and guided many people towards the path of self discovery. Their “Meditation For Beginners” is one workshop aimed not only to help people who have either just started but also to encourage those who are experienced in meditation and to those who wish to inculcate meditation deepen the meditative quality in their daily lives. To learn the beauty of which it can add to your life their lives. Meditation has never been subjective to any age, the young and the young at heart are always welcome to the beginners workshop. In this workshop, one will find a blend of silent and active meditations, of dance, of inner questioning, breath awareness and stillness.Silent Meditation can be practiced by anyone irrespective of their backgrounds. One is guided to release the thoughts and feelings that arise without associating oneself from it with them. This allows you one not to think about neither past nor the future but to bring you one in the present moment. In this process one discovers that thoughts and feelings do not stick to us, we stick to them by giving them importance. But by learning to just witness them while dis-identifying from the content, one discovers that they just fade, dissolve, and pure presence is left. Dancing meditation is a wonderful way to meditate with rhythmic beats that surround you. Allowing the music to bring you to a particular state of mind w hich per mits you to enjoy and relax throughout the session. The inner questioning meditation allows you to learn how to look at your life’s circumstances and beliefs, attitudes and your self-image; and with this new-gained clarity allowing you to make choices that will align with your inner self. Breath-awareness which allows you to focus on the rhythm of your inhalation and exhalation. In the process of which you become in tune with the sounds of your breath allows you to slow your mind down which automatically triggers your body to relax. The process of coming in tune with your breath automatically triggers your body to relax, which in turn allows your mind to slow down. Then there is stillness. meditation in which we are to clear our minds and keep it so throughout the meditation whether with music or in deep silence.The optional sharing session is a wonderful chance for you to share your meditative experiences with others during the workshop. Putting your experiences into words makes your discoveries more graspable and therefore easier to access again after the workshop in your life. It also gives one you insights about other’s experiences and the uniqueness as well as oneness of all of us.Apart from this Beginner’s Workshop (link), one may also listen to the videos and audios of the mystic Bhashkar Perinchery (add hyperlink to “initiator” as all the video/audio links are on that page), the initiator of Inner Metamorphosis University on the website. Bhashkar has been teaching the art of inner growth and the ‘flowering’ of the human potential for over 35 years, giving individual counseling, leading seminars and trainings, and lecturing in Universities and symposiums all over the world. One of his most recent publications “The Source of Joy Within”, contains twelve sets of meaningful reminders; practical methods that can be applied in everyday life situations, a gentle, joyful, and easygoing approach to self-growth and awareness. A must have for everyone beginning his journey of meditation.The Inner Metam orphosis University (IMU) in Chicago is conducting a Beginners Meditation Workshop on Saturday June 18th between 1:00pm and 4:30pm. During this afternoon session you will be introduced to some playful meditative exercises. The Inner Metamorphosis University, Chicago also offers other meditation classes, celebration events, workshops and retreats that include a variety of ancient and new meditation techniques and awareness-oriented exercises to explore the different emotions and feelings and to suit the needs of a modern mind. For more information, please visit

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The Inner Metamorphosis University (IMU) based in Chicago, was initiated in 2005 by the mystic Bhashkar Perinchery. The IMU is the result of Amona and Jeffrey’s passion of developing more self-awareness and understanding. For more information about the I.M.U. and the program offered, please visit or call at 773-262-1468.

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