Meditation for Beginners: Resolve the Setbacks Raised the Fast-Paced Life:

Article by Jonsonmak

Shilpa`s Yoga (English) – Simple Prishthasana Backward Bending

The Point Of This Pranayama Is To Hum Like A Bee Setting Up A Deep Vibration In Your Skull. Cover Your Eyes And Block Your Ears. This Will Give You A Far Stronger Sense Of The Vibrations. The Hum Is Achieved By Chanting Om- Without Vocalizing The Oh. This Helps Calm And Focus The Mind. But Because It Also Vibrates The Throat Strongly It Has A Profound Impact On The Thyroid Gland Increasing Metabolism Balancing Hormonal Secretion And Helping Serotonin Release.Pranayama Exercises Help Prepare For Meditation. They Improve Concentration Reduce Stress Exercise The Heart And The Lungs And Tone The Nervous System. But Always Remember That Their True Potential Is Realised When The Body Has Been Through The Asanas First.

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