Meditation Guided Zen Practice

Article by Irwin Myers

Meditation guided in the Zen style might conjure up some familiar images of Buddhist monks reaching enlightenment, but you do not have to have such a deep level of commitment to receive the benefits of Zen guided meditation. In fact, a daily meditation routine that you can work on at your leisure will provide all the positive energy you could want from a meditation routine.

As you work more in Zen guided meditation techniques, you will become a stronger practitioner of meditation and be able to feel results more quickly. Be sure to practice daily to maintain your growth. When choosing a space to meditate in, be sure there is enough room for you. While the maximum benefit of Zen guided meditation might be received from sitting in the full lotus position, it is not mandatory. Your posture should be dictated by your level of comfort first, so when choosing your meditation zone, pick one that will accommodate any posture. It should also be near a wall.

When you practice Zen meditation, sit no more than three feet away from the wall. Your sitting posture is not as important as your physical comfort and state of mind when you meditate, so if you are unable to sit on the floor, sitting in a comfortable chair will do just fine. Be sure to maintain this posture, however. However you choose to sit, keep your back straight and your head just barely titled forward. Your eyes should be open and directed toward the floor (and not the wall in front of you). Place your hands in your lap with the palms facing up.

Unlike certain other guided meditation techniques, there is no set way to breathe, so incorporate any breathing exercise you like into the routine. To begin the more intensive meditation work, you may want to try counting each breath cycle. Try counting from one to ten, and then reversing your count back to one. This is a great way to keep cluttering thoughts from entering your head, as you are focusing mental energy on counting and paying attention to your body’s natural rhythms.

If yo u are less inclined to counting, you may prefer chanting a mantra, which will have basically the same effect. Continue this until you feel yourself reaching the meditative trance. When you continue to practice Zen meditation, you will hopefully feel a decrease in mood swings, anger and stress. If you are looking to remedy those facets, Zen is a great format to try for meditation guided.

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