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Article by Kat Drew

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There is a much mystery around meditation and the benefits of meditation. It has supposedly an abundance of benefits but are they true ar just myths.

Since the 1970’s a good deal of research and studies on how meditation can effect the behaviour and physiology of humans. The research has shown that the benefits of meditation can be found on many levels; on the body, emotions, mental functions and relationships. The benefits of meditation are decreases in the amount of stress hormone found in the body, lowering of blood pressure, reversing the age process, cholesterol decreases, increased productivity and creativity, better health and even more positive health habits.

But how is it possible for something so simple as meditation can be so beneficial. Meditation is an activity that our bodies can do already. The body has always known how to do and does so gladly if the conditions are favourable and it is allowed to meditate. All that is needed is for you to pay attention in a particular way. You will have to bare the intenseness of your feelings as you let the stress go. What yourself and watch the stress fall away.

Meditation is really a way of giving in to the powerful mind/body healing dynamics that we all have within us, as part of our genetic make up, part of our healing knowledge sewn into our make up. When we don’t meditate, we deprive ourselves of something we need. Not the other way around. Said with other words, it is not natural to go through life without a period every day where you get to relax and rest more deeply than when you sleep, so you let stresses, that keep you knotted up, go.

Of all the self help activities available, meditation is the one, very inexpensive activity that will give you measurable changes in your life. Spending time meditating to give yourself the greatest relaxation possible, resting more deeply that sleep, letting you body, nervous system and brain have a chance to tune for action and healing. Said i n anothe r way, meditation is full of benefits for people, and it is such a basic and natural thing to practice that it is strange that so few meditate at all. This amazing healing benefit of mediation should be important enough for many more people to want to meditate.

Stop listening to the difficulties of it and try some simple methods to get you going so you too can enjoy the benefits. It does not have to be difficult like we are led to believe by the gurus and the monks. They meditate with a totally different aim than merely a healing and restoring the body to its highest potential.

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