Meditation is Nothing But an Adult Version of Childlike Play and Enjoyment

Article by praveenben

Your mind is a center of continuous conflicts. Different parts of body, mind, emotions and energies conflicts with one other. Lack of harmony within you causes friction which results in negative emotions of anger, hurt, frustration, disappointment etc.

Meditation is a process through which you can resolve conflicts within in your mind and you can achieve calm, poise, and rest. Your brain becomes more efficient and creative. Meditation is a best pill which solves all the problems of modern life.

Meditation is a process through which we attain a state of being good. There is a saying “a human is born crying, live complaining, suffering and dies disappointed.” However a meditative mind stops complaining, suffering, starts appreciating, enjoying the life and he remains deathless with his consciousness.

The primary urge of everyone is to know “Who am I”. This urge continues to linger and remain unresolved. We remain doubtful as to the purpose of our life and its continuity. Meditation drives away all such doubts and brings about awareness and transformation of fearless life and delightful living.

In your prayer you communicate with the higher self (God). You talk to him and send messages. However in meditation you experience, feel the higher self within you and therefore there is no need send to messages elsewhere. Meditation is therefore a highest form of prayer with much more benefits.

When you are child your body, mind and emotions work with unity. This is the original nature of human beings. If you wish to play, you play. If you wish to dance, you dance. You smile and cry as a response to your emotions but you don’t remember or recollect your suffering and feel bad again and again over and over.

In nutshell you live in present and the parts of you i.e., mind, body, emotions, work harmoniously. This means you are playful always. As we grew up we give up this original nature and playing is replaced by suffering. While y our mind moves in one direction, your body moves in another direction, your emotions move in one other way. It is like four wheels of car running in four different directions. Meditation brings about uniformity and brings about your original nature. It is like going to your old school to play once again.

Modern life demands us multiple responsibilities and multiple tasks and therefore our mind is restless ceaselessly. Meditation or meditative life is essential to neutralize the effects of modern life.

Meditation is nothing but living in present, absorbing in the activity which we are pursuing. It is conscious living. In simple terms you are absorbed in the activity of whatever you are doing. Eat consciously, drink consciously, take bath consciously, and work consciously list is endless……. When your actions are conscious you are no longer worry about the future. You are deeply absorbed in the activity. You are neither guilty of the past events nor worried about the future. When you are eating a sweet, you are enjoying sweetness of it. This is nothing but childlike play.

The person who practices meditation becomes true humanitarian. He loves others through the realization of oneness of universe. He is so compassionate, feel through other hearts, and think through other minds. He adorns the qualities of humility and unselfishness. Meditative mind is conflict free, fear free, and ego free. It is manifestation of godliness within us.

I must tell you meditation is something we cannot understand fully. Though you understand with your intelligence, it is of no use for you unless you practice and experience it. Any quantity of explanation of sweetness of sweet does not give you satisfaction to you unless you put a piece of sweet into your mouth and experience the sweetness of it directly. Meditation is thus experiential. It is not conceptual.

Our life is meant for joyful experience. Modern life made it miserable. Hence practice Meditation regularly. Become childli ke. Become lively.

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