Meditation Keeps You healthy and Happy and That’s a Fact

Article by Margaret Stockley

Meditation keeps you healthy and happy and that’s a fact

Simply put, how you think becomes how you feel.

Your thoughts impact your immune system whether you are conscious of this or not. Negative thinking is a trait that is learned. It is a habit.

Positive thinking is also a habit and can be learned and reinforced through meditation. Meditation brings the brain waves into alpha rhythm where you experience a feeling of well-being and calmness. The brain likes this feeling so each time you meditate you create a positive response within the mind. Gradually you look forward to and make time for your meditation sessions. In turn, you become happier for longer and longer until you retain a feeling of contentment within you.

Neuropeptides are chemicals that are produced by the brain in varying amounts depending on how you are feeling. When you are angry or sad, you inhibit your ability to fight infection or remain optimistic or in control of your life, resulting in poorer choices relating to finances and relationships. You are more likely to become sick for longer periods of time and stress increases to the point that it can become chronic.

When you are happy you increase specific cells in the body that fight infection demonstrating in a very simple way that the immune system responds to the way that you think. Relationships improve because you are someone that people want to be around. In turn, your happiness becomes infectious and people are happy in your company.

Meditation is clinically proven to maintain a positive mental state keeping you happy and healthy so that you can be a beacon of light to others.

Like all things in life you have a choice. Happy or sad?

Meditation is the Healthy, Wealthy and Really Smart way to live.

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