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Article by Donald Barrett

The concept of meditation has reached a stage of widespread popularity. Most people around the world know about its benefits, but only vaguely. Even as there are many CDs, books and magazines to provide ample information on the subject, the compatibility of different meditation techniques always varies from individual to individual and can be practiced only when the thing is tested by a professional.

It’s no secret that there are a host of benefits for you to experience when you meditate and believe it or not many of those same benefits can be experienced through a guided or led meditation as well.

Bringing your attention to your breath – this helps engage your parasympathetic nervous system which helps you relax. As you inhale and exhale with awareness your mind and body start to relax.

Tendency towards more happiness and optimism – It’s funny, when you begin listening to a guided meditation on a daily basis it has the ability to take you that place deep within yourself that is still and peaceful, yet, when you come back to awareness oftentimes that stillness and peace transforms to a sense of happiness and optimism to yourself and those around you.

Minimizing external distractions – since you seek a quiet place to listen to your guided meditation, you tend to minimize external distractions which supports you to focus within.

If you are like most then you already have begun to realize is that acting upon your mind chatter only leads to more mind chatter. Fortunately, a daily guided meditation practice helps quiet the mind chatter as it leads you to a pathway to that stillness inside you that you can access at any time.

Find the suitable program of meditation. Choose the one that suits your lifestyle best.

You can create your own guided meditations through recording scripts you can find in books. Or you can purchase recordings that also have the added benefit of a skilled guided meditation facilitator combined with calming music. It can be fun and transfo rmationa l to add guided meditation to your self-care and personal wellness toolkit.

Simply stated, when it comes to practicing a guided meditation on a daily basis what you will discover is that the benefits go well beyond the 3 benefits that you have heard about in this article. So what are you waiting for go ahead and begin your practice of meditation sooner rather than later.

Take a deep breath… do you regular exercise

Please realize that this is a course offered to you by professionals so that you can improve your lifestyle, your living habits and your management skills. If, in any way, you are not satisfied with your progress, be bold enough to let your teacher know so that your money paid can be refunded back. It is never really just an ordinary set of exercise for you-even after you will have completed the course, the effects must guide you towards further, continuous practice and an improved state of living. So the phrases like “Nobody can teach you to meditate,” and “It’s all up to you,” are simply not to be paid heed to.

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Guided meditation provides a fast, simple and effective way of uniting with your inner source of wisdom and well-being. Your mind and body are wise and capable of getting exactly what you need at any given time.

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