Meditation Music: A New Sound For The Soul

Article by Nia Lawrence

Have you noticed how music makes chores and other activities less tiring by the minute? Music is played everywhere, especially in places where well being is constantly promoted: spas, gyms, and even yoga and other meditative classes. Research shows that music has a profound effect on the body and the mind. In general, it calms people, wards of stress and depression, promotes movement (dancing), and eases muscle tension.

But how is in relation to meditation? Meditation is a personal devotion and mental excursion that serves to improve one’s over all wellness and spirituality. It is often understood as simply sitting for a really long time trying to get the mind on tabula rasa (blank). But to make concentrating easier, some people utter mantras (devotional phrases) while sitting in silence and trying to find their center. Some people also use prayer beads like the Holy Rosary. Some meditation teachers think mantras are for cheaters, those who cannot relax their minds without having to use words as a distraction from other thoughts. But for those who just can’t do traditional meditation for hours in a solemn area that they too can’t find, there is also the meditation music. This is often referred to as instant meditation. But meditation music is actually so much more.

Science proves that music actuate brainwaves and lets them go in sync with the given beat. The faster the beat, the more the mind becomes alert and focused. But when the tempo is slow, the mind is calmed and put in a meditative state. Music helps you go through the stepsof meditation slowly and attain a complete meditative experience, thereby letting you fully benefit from the practice. Meditation music also promotes the creation of new neural pathways, allowing communication between both brain hemispheres and leading to what is called whole brain functioning. Meditation music also gives the brain the ability to withstand more and harder stresses. And by actively promoting optimism or a positive state of mind, depression an d anxiet y are kept at bay. But which music should you play while meditating? There are a lot which you can download online, but you should pick audio programs that are really designed for deep meditative purposes.

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