Meditation – Take Back Your Life

Article by Anthony McBride

Meditation is one of the easiest forms of relaxation, stress relief and performance building options available today. Nothing special is required in order to meditate and can be done just about anywhere. You can meditate with as little as 10 minutes once you gain experience in reaching the quiet space that meditation is characterized. When you first start meditating, it may be difficult to reach this space.

Start by using a guided meditation technique. This type of technique is good in teaching you to reach the quite spot necessary to receive the benefits of meditation in your life.

Guided meditations take longer whether you are doing them by yourself or though a class. Once you know how to reach this quiet spot, you can generally do it with just a few deep breaths this is the place you are aiming for when you begin learning meditation.

The purpose of being able to blank your mind is that many people do not realize how much work their brain does as well as the stress that it places on the body. Consider your daily to do list. Many people keep this list in their heads; it is constantly being updated and changed.

You worry about work, home, kids, money and you think about these things every second of the day. These extra thoughts can have a direct effect on your ability to perform because it damages your focus. Consider how much faster you could get a project done if you were relaxed and had no other thoughts but that particular project.

You could easily reason out solutions to problems because do not have your focus divided among dozens of different things. Meditation can help you to accomplish this type of focus. Once you gain experience in meditation you can reach this level of clear-minded focus with only a few deep breaths and a few minutes of time.

You can help to eliminate stress, nervousness, anxiety, and bring everything you have to offer to the table in every aspect of your life each time. Meditation allows you to release tension from your body. Stress can cause your muscles to tense up. This causes you to become tired faster, it also causes stiffness, pain, and aches all of which can be distracting, uncomfortable and draining.

Meditation not only allows you to calm your mind and focus on a single thing but it also allows you to make note of tension within the body and release that tension. Mediation is best done when you have at least 15 minutes of free time. When you meditate, you can do so with music or with simple quiet but you should do it when you know that you are not going to be disturbed by phones, kids or partners.

If you choose music, consider music that does not have vocals or natural sounds as these types of music selections tend to make it easier to relax and are less likely to be distracting. Meditation can easily be part of your before bed routine or even your quick breaks during the day during work.

Jesus Sitting Qigong – A form of Sheng Zhen Qigong

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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