Meditation Techniques for Beginners

Article by Kevin Wood

I’m sure by now your wondering how exactly you can get started with meditating daily. What techniques can be used for someone just starting out with meditation? I’d like to touch on a couple very simple meditation techniques for beginners and how to achieve the right mindset for meditation success.

To begin I’d like to highlight the simplest, yet most important aspect of any meditation techniques for beginners. It’s a little thing called BREATHINGYou might be thinking I breathe everyday, but I’m still really stressed out? Well hold on a second it’s not just breathing for the sake of staying alive, it’s more so becoming aware of the simple act of breathing. So pure, natural,and calming, yet sometimes it seems as if it the one thing we forget to do

I’d like you to sit up in your chair, or couch, or wherever you are at this moment, and take five deep breaths (in the nose and out the mouth.) I bet your feeling much more relaxed than you were a couple minutes ago. Now imagine what this simple act can do if used in sync with all of the other meditation techniques for beginners that you’ll learn here.

Next on the list of meditation techniques for beginners is the act of being present in every moment. Practicing this whenever you get a chance will not only improve the quality of your life by leaps and bounds, but it will improve your meditation practice as wellHow great is thatSo how exactly do we implement this technique? Just try to be present in every act you do throughout the day. If your washing the dishes simply focus on that act and that act alone, feel the warm water rush over your hands, smell the scents of the fruity dish soap, be aware of your breathing in that moment. You can apply this way of thinking to every event throughout your dayIt can add vibrant moments of life to even the most mundane tasks

I’d like to wrap up my meditation techniques for beginners with the question what time of day should I meditate? This has been a personal struggle for me; in the begi nning finding time during the day to meditate was almost impossibleHowever, I did say almost. I started with meditating whenever I got a chance, a half hour there, and hour after lunch, I tried to squeeze it in whenever possible. However, the greatest, and most beneficial changes came when I would meditate every morning.

Something about waking up with the sun and exploring the inner depths of my mind would make it impossible for me to have a bad daySo now I ask you, when you begin try to pick a time that you have free everyday, consistency is key.If your not a morning person, then meditate at night, it’s as simple as that. But just once give yourself the pleasure of a early morning meditation: you, your mind, and the sun all waking up at the same time and greeting the day. I promise you will love it

That about wraps up my meditation techniques for beginners, but these techniques mentioned are just scratching the surface. Remember breathing, being in the moment, and picking the right time of day were the actions we just covered. I promise that if you implement or at least make a conscious effort to apply the above suggestions to your life and meditation routine, you will not regret it

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Kevin Wood is passionate about meditation and teaching meditation techniques for beginners.

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