Meditation Theory and Practice through Meditation Books

Article by Lily Candice

For anyone willing to learn about a subject that is new to him or her, books have always been an effective and affordable avenue of learning. Meditation books have been made available by the established and experienced teachers from several meditation centers, putting years of personal experiences in the practice of meditation and the countless feedback received from their students into easily digestible forms. The Z Meditation center, led by Ajay Kapoor, a meditation teacher and leader with two decades of teaching experience, has made available to the discerning public, two meditation books which seek to teach the sincere individual the path to complete freedom of the mind through the practice of meditation. Every one of us has the potential to be unconditionally happy and peaceful, but what we see is that most of us are living in a state which is somewhat far away from this possibility of awareness and peace. Learning about meditation and its theory and practice through meditation books is an ideal and cost effective method of releasing yourself from such bondages, which are mostly self inflicted.Meditation is a practice which has been with us for centuries, most forms of which were developed from religious practices. Over the years and decades, the practice of meditation has been refined up to the level which makes it very contemporary, but with the theory remaining essentially the same. Meditation as it is practiced today, in most cases, has no religious leanings whatsoever, and may be embraced from individuals from whatever religious or cultural background. Z Meditation is a non religious meditation center which bases its practice on systems which have been developed over many years. The Z Meditation center offers spiritual and meditation retreats several times a year, but for those who are unable to attend these, the essence of their teachings have been crystallized into two meditation books known as the “The Art of Deconditioning”, and “If Freedom is Your Only Option”. These medita tion boo ks will take you carefully through the theory and practice of Z Meditation’s approach to the art of meditation, allowing you to quickly develop the skills to thrive in an increasingly difficult social and economic environment.If you examine it carefully, your mind is actually the only possession you own that cannot be taken from you. It would then be wise to seek to balance the functioning of your mind so that other issues will be much easier dealt with. In a state of unconditioned love, peace and freedom, achievable by reading and understanding the material within meditation books, you will find that, though there will still be problems to solve, solving them will be done with equanimity. This allows for better decision making and ultimately, a more comfortable state of living.The cost of the meditation books from the Z Meditation center are very reasonable and are readily available from online bookstores such as Amazon. You would be doing yourself a great favor by acquiring meditation books, availing yourself of the opportunity to develop skills which make life and living a joyful experience.

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