Meditations: The Use Of Sacred Phrases In Your Daily Meditations

Article by Chris Le Roy

There are many reasons for meditating, such as meditating for relaxation, stress relief or dealing with an issue. Sometimes you may even meditate for the fun of it because of the high you get coming off a meditation session. However, sometimes you may want to meditate for a purpose or to help reinforce something you want to achieve.

If you are an elite athlete you may meditate each day to help you in your mental preparation by meditating on what you will do to win your race or if you are a basketball player you may meditate on shooting a 3 point shot. You can achieve these outcomes by using phrases during your meditation session.

The objective of these phrases during a meditation session is to help reprogram your mind to achieve your objectives when your mind is in its most malleable state. The mind is most open to suggestion or reprogramming during a meditation session.

The Buddhist Monk uses sacred meditation phrases during a meditation session to help them in overcoming their transgressions and ill thoughts they have during the day. They are provided these sacred phrases from the teachings of Buddha, their teachers and the Dalai Lama. Each Sacred Phrase contains an important lesson that is to be learnt.

A sample sacred phrase by Buddha goes as –

Speak the truth, do not become angered and give when asked, even be it a little. By these three conditions one goes to the presence of the gods.

Another sacred phrase that is useful in daily life –

The wise who control body, speech and mind are indeed the consummately controlled.

The Buddhist religion and community are not the only religion that has sacred phrases that can be used during a meditation session. Some meditators who come from the Christian faith will use sacred phrases from the bible such as the Psalms or the Lords Prayer.

Virtually every religion has sacred phrases you can use through your meditation sessions and most of these phrases are about trying to help you become a better perso n and to respect your fellow man.

Many people ask me how I incorporate these sacred phrases into my meditation. Well I first begin by identifying the sacred phrase I want to start with. I will read it aloud and once I have decided what I want to get from the meditation session then that is when I will start.

For example, I may want to meditate on how to deal with a person who is causing me grief or always seems to get me angry. I will find a sacred phrase that I can reflect on and use that phrase during my meditation.

I start off by simply beginning my meditation session with simple breathing exercises that help clear my mind and to get me to a state in which I can begin using the sacred meditation phrases. During a 20 minute meditation session, I find that it generally takes about 5 to 8 minutes to get to the point that I am ready for the next stage in the meditation cycle of using the sacred phrase.

Now that I am ready to begin the next stage, I start by reciting the sacred phrase in my mind. During the first recitation I will simply recite the sacred phrase without any reflection. On the second recitation of the sacred phrase I will begin paying close attention to the words in the sacred phrase and the meanings of the words. Over the next few recitations of those phrases I will begin to look at how I apply the meanings of the phrases to my everyday life.

I continue this process till I am ready to finish off my meditation. The last stage of my meditation cycle involves making a conscious commitment to improving my life and to take on board the values and meanings of the sacred phrase.

The core objective of using sacred phrases during your meditation sessions is to help you improve, you, as a person and the role that you will play on this earth. If we do not contemplate and reflect on these sacred phrases in this way then the phrases will be nothing more than pretty words and will not serve the purpose they were intended for.

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