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Article by Jim Karter

Human being is the most intelligent creature on the earth. He has a continuous quench of knowledge, technology; development and he explores the universe to satisfy this need.

“Don’t ever remain satisfied” is the keyword in human life and it only makes the difference between man on the first day of his existence and now. There is a loophole in his nature too. He never gets what he wants because it is hidden inside him and we do not ever care to peep inside.

Meditation is the way to relax yourself from stress. It is a traditional custom which has religious importance. Christians meditate by chanting prayer to God and confessions at church, Buddhism believes in it as “a method of mind transformation”, Japanese Zen masters believe in it as “the experience of true nature,” Tibetian Buddhist” thinks it as “a way to awaken sky like nature of the mind.”

Hinduism also believes it as “a way to talk with inner voice”. Jain religion advocates its contemplation and Islam suggests it five times a day because it is a divine inspiration to liberate heart and intellect accordingly. Though the definations, ways to do it are different, purpose is same according to all religions. That is to speak with the divine spirit according to your belief.

Modern psychology also recommends meditation as a way to bust your stress and get inspiration to rejoin work. Eastern practices of doing it are well known all over the world now. Even psychologists believe that sleep is also a form of sustained meditation. Good results are found in the field of curative psychiatric treatments.

Everyone follows a busy work schedule and cumbersome load today. Meditation enables person to handle all stressful situations in a peaceful and balanced manner. It creates the space of your own where you could have your own time to relax yourself, get motivation and winning spirit.

Position of meditating is crossed legs; spine must be straight, barefoot and on the floor. But this is traditional one with the religious view. No w a days sitting on chair, on knees is also suggested. some meditative institutions suggest wide open eye concentrated on any given image like candle, red bulb, idol of a God, a point on a wall etc.

In meditation chants, mantras, prayer recitations are continuously chanted. Loud or silent recitations help person to become free from each and every worry, thought going on in the mind. Peaceful meditation without such prayers needs extreme self power to become liberated soul from all the earthly worries.

Meditation also teaches how to breathe. A full breath till belly is suggested to feel cheerful and fresh. concentration on breathing also make us aware about the greatest gift given to us by nature that is this life.

Yoga is a famous eastern style which teaches “asana”, the proper sitting posture, “mudra”- position of hands and gestures, deep full breathe, and concentration inside yourself.

Benefits of meditation are well known: first of all they are stress busters. They turn you into an introverted personality; provide your own space to react. So, students who become very nervous at the time of examinations could use this method. Those who have hectic schedule can get decision making power by meditating everyday. Most of all meditation gives magical results to those who are fading with the depression, short temper, and impatient. By the help of meditation they can be treated.

Because it between you and yourself, very less accessories are required. A mat to sit upon, and an enlightened mind. Indoor and outdoor is not a problem because it explores the world existing inside you. There are no side effects of meditation and even an instructor is not necessary. Once you begin to peep inside you will get a treasure for which you were struggling hard. Is there any limitation for the fortunate one who is aware about his own abilities to change the world?

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