Nadabrahma Meditation

Article by Richard A. Manfredi

Find a meditation technique that is just right for you such as the simple Nadabrahma Meditation designed to help you relax and reduce all types of stress. Meditation is a great way to unwind and reduce all types of stress. Yet with such a large selection of both ancient and new meditation techniques available to modern humanity, it can be difficult to find a technique that suits your personality, beliefs and physical abilities. Here is a quick look at Nadabrahma Meditation, a simple meditation technique created by the well-known Indian mystic and spiritual guide Osho.Nadabrahma Meditation is a gentle, sitting meditation technique that can be practiced by Osho Sannyas and other people who wish to tap into the health benefits of meditation. It consists of an hour-long, three-part meditation technique featuring humming and hand movements designed to create an inner balance and harmony between the mind and body. Unlike the Osho dynamic meditation, which is active and wild, Nadabrahma Meditation begins with 30 minutes of humming as you are seated in a relaxed position with eyes closed. The humming should be loud enough that it creates a vibration in your body. After 30 minutes of humming, participants are led into 15 minutes of slow hand movements designed to represent releasing energy outwards to the universe and then taking energy in. The final stage consists of being seated quiet and still for 15 minutes without Osho meditation music or other sounds. The humming portion of Nadabrahma Meditation is part of an old Tibetan technique, which was practiced in the morning; however today it can be done at any time, alone or with others, as long as it is practiced on an empty stomach. To learn more about Nadabrahma Meditation or to purchase Osho discourses on other meditation techniques, please visit

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