Namaste Yoga Information

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Namaste Yoga Information

We all know what yoga is. Whether you have seen a commercial of an individual twisted up like a pretzel, seen someone in an advertisement doing yoga, or heard a friend praise the exercise, you have heard of yoga. But do you know what Namaste yoga is? You might have heard of the benefits of Namaste yoga, but simply assumed that it was everyday yoga. However, it is important to realize that there are many different types of yoga. None are necessarily better than the other, but some are more suited for certain individuals than others might be. Here is some information on the Namaste school of yoga to help you understand this branch of yoga better.

The Importance Of Namaste

The word “Namaste” most literally means “I bow to you” in Indian. Namaste yoga begins with individuals putting their hands palms together in a steeple position. They then, at the same time, bow. This is where the Namaste school of yoga got its name. In most classes, this bow signifies the beginning and the end of the class. For traditional yoga, the saying of Namaste connects the exercise to the spiritual roots that it formed from. For many mainstream yoga participants, they neither know the meaning of the word Namaste nor really mean it when they say it. It is not spiritual but is instead tradition and what they were taught to do when learning Namaste yogaEither way is fine when doing Namaste yoga, but it is still important to recognize the roots of the tradition.

Finding Namaste Yoga

If you are looking specifically for Namaste yoga exercise videos, chances are slim that you will find one. Though the term is used loosely in many yoga classes, the mainstream videos tend to use a collection of basic yoga exercises and do not use specific Namaste yoga poses. These videos are great if you need to do yoga on your own time, but if you are truly interested in learning the cultural importance behind yoga and the history of Namaste, you will need to enroll in a specific Namaste yog a course . Make sure that the course is a Namaste study and not a hodge-podge mainstream yoga class.

Yoga is beneficial for your both your mind and your body. Even if you cannot find a Namaste yoga class, it is still beneficial for you to enroll in a yoga course. You will learn a few specific Namaste poses and you can work on mastering them as well as the other yoga poses that you learn.

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