No More Blues: Postnatal Yoga for Anxiety Free New Moms

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Being a mom is a milestone to millions of women. Once the baby arrived, some young moms found themselves feeling trapped in an overwhelming situation.

New mothers are more and more open to the fact that Postnatal Yoga can help women minimize the risk of developing Post Natal Depression (PND, a clinical depression) or even worse a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD, a serious sort of anxiety often associated with those experiencing assault or people living in war torn areas).

1 in 10 women experience PND. The condition can last for weeks, months, or if the patient doesn’t receive a proper care – for years.

In many cases, PND patients can easily overcome their blues by moral supports from their loved ones and friends.

What are the signs of PND?

There are strings of alarming conditions that show that you might need a professional help:

– If you find your spouse and your newborn annoying;

– You feel exhausted all the time;

– You’re unhappy especially in the morning and in the evening;

– You’ve lost your appetite;

– Finding yourself sleepless;

– You’re not interested in intimacy and somewhat repel your spouse,

– You’ve lost interest in things you normally passionate about;

– You feel overwhelmed and can’t seem to be organized no matter how hard you try;

– Constant bad thoughts;

– You’re always afraid that you might somehow “break” the baby.

Yoga as mommy’s “Me Time”

Postnatal Yoga is a grate method to keep you in tune with the transition from being pregnant to becoming a mom.

Speaking to RateND, Joanna Dela Cruz from Green Lavender Yoga in Toronto indicates how Yoga can be beneficial to new moms.

“After the sheer physical effort of labor, yoga <em>Asanas</em> (postures) can help with strengthening new mum’s body. Certain postures can help to re-build and re-strengthen weakened pelvic and abdominal muscles after labor. Practicing yoga can also provide relief and act as a balm for aching shoulders, back and legs that many new mum’s experience.”

According to her, there’s an equal meditative aspect of Yoga that has calming effect such as <em>Samavritti Pranayama</em> breathing technique which one should practice under supervision of a qualified Yoga instructor.

Joanna also suggested a simple relaxation practice.

“Many times, with the new arrival, mom can easily forget about time for herself, a simple yoga practice and deep breathing can help mom feel continually refreshed and energized.”

Can mommy and baby practice Yoga together?

Feeling confined at home and overwhelmed by the newborn are things that new moms normally feel in the first weeks after the birth of the baby. In fact, the first few weeks are critical for mom to recover from physical and emotional setbacks. Being in a Postnatal Yoga class with other new moms can help reduce your stress.

“Yoga time with baby is a time for bonding and fun. Various postures will not only help to stretch or strengthen mum’s body, but add baby into the mix, and it’s a whole other level of fun and exploration Or if baby wants to nap…mum can simply take some time just for her.”

According to Joanna, there are several Yoga poses that are especially beneficial for the new moms.

“Cow-face arms (Gomukhasana) or Eagle Arms (Garudasana) are particularly nice. If she needs to stretch out her low back and back legs just a simple forward fold (Uttanasana) with knees slightly bent or straight will be great, as well as Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana).”

Joanna Dela Cruz is a certified Vinyasa Flow and Hatha Yoga instructor and the co-owner of the Green Lavender Yoga Studio in Toronto. Green Lavender has prenatal and postnatal Yoga, restorative and gentle Yoga, Hatha, Vinyasa classes, as well as Qi Gong.

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