Holistic Meditation


Article by Rob Daniels

We are told that meditation is natural, that when someone sleeps they go into a meditative state. To fully understand the purpose and functioning of meditation one has to observe the human as both a physical and spiritual or psychological being. From the dawn of time, meditation has been a vital part of self transformation and holistic health.

The journey to self-discovery, self help and spirituality begins with the sacred art of meditation. The value of Meditation is to alleviate suffering and promote healing has been known and practiced for thousands of years. Generally, Eastern religions have tended to concentrate on meditation as a means of realizing spiritual enlightenment. This is the essence of Hinduism of which all guru’s promote through yoga and meditation. In fact, practically all religious groups practice meditation in one form or another.

The ultimate goal of meditation is to self realize your divinity, that you are God. God dwells within you as You. It is a means of worship and seeking God which is ultimately the highest goal of meditation The word translated as “meditation” in several verses in Psalms means to meditate in the sense of reflecting upon.

In practical terms meditation helps you learn forgiveness and loving-kindness for yourself and others in a common sense way. Mindfulness meditation relieves stress because it relieves preoccupation with the habitual thoughts about the past or the future that perpetuate stress. As your entire being becomes absorbed in meditation, every stress and strain of daily life will fall from your shoulders.

Meditation interrupts that flood of stress chemicals, so you don’t feel on guard or tense. In other experiments, meditators produced fewer spontaneous GSR than their non-meditating controls, both during and after meditation.

Through meditation, one can cultivate a wonderful inner quiet that will melt away stress and nervousness By association, meditation can also help relieve stress- or anxiety-related disorders s uch as i nsomnia, headaches, depression, poor concentration and high blood pressure. Instead these conflicts could find, through meditation, an appeasement that will help their resolution by appropriate means. There is a natural alliance between psychotherapy and meditation.

Meditation is now well accepted in medical circles. Remember that meditation is an escape to reality, not an escape from reality. In the West, however the first view was that meditation induced a type of dissassociative state or a type of catatonia. Various techniques of meditation are now widely taught in medical settings such as VA clinics and hospitals. Many physicians consider meditation a key element of an integrated health program. In general, meditation produces a reduction in multiple biological systems, resulting in a state of relaxation. For example, there has been incidences where through meditation individuals have voluntarily controlled their rate of breathing.

Mindfulness meditation involves focusing one’s attention on the moment, observing thoughts as they occur without judging or acting. Without acknowledgment of the present moment, meditation practice cannot progress because momentary concentration cannot occur.

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Rob Daniels is a long term practitioner of Yoga and Pilates

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Yoga for Depression and Anxiety

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Meditation Books – An Alternative Way of Learning and Practicing Meditation

Article by Lily Candice

We all have within our reach the means to become totally free. Free from the burden of a clouded mind occasioned by years of conditioning from our environment and associates, which is the major root cause of most physical and mental ailments experienced by people. Meditation as practiced and taught by Z Meditation, using the techniques of Deep Deconditioning and Radiant Mantras is a sure way out of the bondage of the mind into a blissful state of peace and happiness; and can be learnt about through Meditation books made available by Z Meditation. Meditation books are an alternative way of learning about and practicing meditation for the individual who is unable for a variety of reasons to attend Meditation courses and retreats offered by Z Meditation.

Books are one of the best known avenues for acquiring knowledge and it is recommended that every individual reads at least one book every week. How much more would one progress if the individual is reading material that would actually open up his or her receptive ability for other information, from other books and other sources. This will be the benefit of reading and studying meditation books made available from Z Meditation. Meditation books will help you to discover for yourself the immense benefits of meditation, which hopefully will lead to the personal practice of meditation, and ultimately, an advanced learning experience at a meditation retreat or course such as those provided by Z Meditation in their location in a small town in the legendary Himalayas.

An example of the meditation books available from Z Meditation is titled “The Art of Deconditioning”, written by Ajay Kapoor, one of the teachers at Z Meditation center for meditation awareness and studies. This book, which is written in a simple enough to read format, describes to the student reader the methods and processes she will need to put herself through to achieve a deconditioning of the mind, that is to clear the dark clouds of misplaced learning and conditioning, replac ing it w ith a clean slate which allows for clear thinking that permits the ability to cope with the daily difficulties we all face. This process can be likened to the calming of murky waters which are churning. When the waters become calm, the dirt and other impurities settle to the bottom of the body, leaving clear waters that are pleasing to the eye. It is the calming of the mind that is the ultimate purpose of meditation, approached through different means.

The aspiring student of meditation need not be overwhelmed with perceived difficulties in learning the process of meditation. The most important part of the learning process is the beginning – the student should and must have a personal conviction that meditation is a suitable and viable means through which he can achieve genuine freedom. With this determined resolve, a dedication to the imbibing of the required processes will be developed and the student will be able to develop skills of practicing meditation on a daily basis, sometimes more than once in a day. This level of skill may be achieved through several means, including the studying of Meditation books like those available from Z Meditation.

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Lily Candice is regular article writer for Meditation in India at Z Meditation

Stress Relief through Meditation

Article by Emily Taggart

Stress comes from many different sources that usually revolve around anxiety and depression. It is visible in an employee who could no longer keep up with the demands of his boss; or in a student who strives to be at top of the class; or in a mother who does all the cleaning in the house while taking care of three toddlers. No matter which direction you face, stress seems to be everywhere.

There are several ways to deal with stress. A wide variety of solutions can be attempted, depending on what works best for you. Did you know that you could live a stress-free life without having to spend a dime on counseling fees or for a stress management course? Yes, the most effective way for relieving us form life’s daily strains and pressures is easily achievable by meditation.

Meditation is a type of psychological discipline that gives a practitioner a chance to overlook his current mental state and see the state beyond his normal thinking. Simply put, meditation is forgetting one’s actual condition, that which is shrouded with stress, to give way for a relaxing state of mind. Meditation can be done in many ways, as contrary to what many know. The idea of meditation to most people circles around images of yoga like positions. Although this may be true, there are various ways to meditate.


The seat of meditation is not on one’s position but on one’s mental state. Meditation can be done in whatever position a practitioner prefers. One of the more famous alternative positions for meditation is walking. While one walks, he is still able to leave his current state of mind and go into a peaceful one that could relieve him of the stress he is encountering in his normal conscious world.


Meditating while eating proves effective for some people as well. This is again to emphasize that although the surroundings play an important role to one’s meditation, it is not the sole basis for the practitioner’s successful session.

Scanning a specific part of the body

Body scan involves meditation by merely focusing on a specific part of the practitioner’s body; it can be his knee, his toe, his finger, etc. Many are using this most common meditation practice.

Since meditation means temporarily leaving the present, complete concentration is required of a practitioner. To attain total concentration, the following must be observed:

1. A positive attitude to withstand distracting elements like thoughts of current stressful conditions.

2. A quiet and peaceful environment, which will not distract you from concentrating.

3. A position that you will be most comfortable in since meditation may take longer than what you expect.

4. A focal point (for body scan type of meditation or for stationary meditation) where your vision will rest during the entire duration of the process.

These things can all be accomplished in the comfort of your home, while the children are out for school or while the toddlers are asleep for their afternoon nap. You can even meditate in your own bedroom, or in the comfort of your garden or office. Meditation will assure you a stress free day, which gives way for rejuvenated energy just before another stress battle begins.

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An overview of some meditation techniques

Article by Jonsonmak

There are several books on How to meditate for beginners are available on the internet these days. If you are interested in learning and understanding the meditation techniques for stress and other health issues, then you must select the best book for understanding. You must have enough knowledge about the meditation techniques for stress before you start working on them.

Well, how to select the best book on “How to meditate for beginners”? Here are some suggestions:

If you are a beginner in terms of meditation techniques for stress, then you must be a little confused. Well, many beginners are almost always confused when it comes to the meditation techniques for stress. You must choose such a book that will give you easy steps towards the meditation techniques for stress. There are several well known and well adapted techniques that will be able to give you peace of mind, if you are sincere about following them.

The “how to meditate for beginners” is such a book that should be able to offer great meditation techniques and guide you to a stress free life. It should be able to explain all the basic principles of meditation while also motivating you to practice those meditation techniques for stress at home.

It should also teach you why you should meditate and how that can be done, it will impart knowledge on the ways that can help you in recollecting yourself etc. The “How to meditate for beginners” book should be able to give all kinds of practical advices so that you get the much required freedom from the tensions of the consciousness of mind.

There are numerous such “How to meditate for beginners” books that are available in the market as well as in the online stores across the web. There are several books that are based on the principles of certain Gurus whereas there are others that ask you to practice yoga for mediation, Zen meditation, Buddhist meditation etc.

There is no such standard on “How to meditate for beginners” books as it depends upon the choice of path that you would want to make for practicing the meditation techniques for stress. It also differs as per the aim and goal that you have in mind and also the state of your mind at the moment of meditation.

Meditation is nothing but the withdrawal of the thoughts and senses from your conscious mind. Thus, if you do not like a particular meditation technique for stress, then you would not be able to concentrate and meditate for the benefits of your body and mind. The “How to meditate for beginners” books should be able to provide you with all the measures that will eventually help you in finding the inner peace of mind and also unlock the secrets that are behind successful meditation.

Once you learn the meditation techniques for stress, you will be able to reap the benefits of meditation and also put your life back on track of a successful mind and body.

About the Author

Jonson Mak is a Doctor who recommends meditation techniques for a stressful life or for a good physical and mental health. He also writes articles on meditation techniques for stress & How to Meditate for Beginners.