Piercing into the Cosmic Potency of Healing Meditation

Article by Tom Fazio

Meditation is not psychic. Most people believe that healing meditation has something to do with magic. Others believe that there is no way mediation can heal the body, since there is no medicinal ingestion to counteract the disease-causing agents. These two groups have valid standpoints, but only because they lack in the knowledge of the true essence of meditation. The fact is that most ailments originate from the mind and healing the mind triggers healing of most diseases.

Engaging in healing meditation has numerous benefits. For instance, it reduces stress levels and anxiety. With stress levels down, most ailments also disappear since stress and anxiety are medically established causes of diseases. The beginning of a meditation session is in relaxing the muscles and letting them give up their strain, stress and tension. You feel tired and beaten down most of the time not because you are tired, but because the muscles have accumulated a lot of tension. Meditation activates a relaxation in the muscles to the point that they have a new leash of health and well being.

When an infectious microorganism attacks the body, sensory nerves detect it and inform the mind of its presence. The mind reacts by commissioning necessary protective measures against diseases such as deploying white blood cells to produce antibodies that can decimate the foreign agent. Meditation harnesses the mind’s ability to respond to infectious attacks rapidly and efficiently. Consequently, therefore, meditation enhances your immune system to fight present and future attacks.

One of the greatest achievements of meditation is relaxing the nervous system. Daily stresses accumulate and bear a huge burden on the mind. Worries begin the moment you step off the bed and accompany you through the hectic days until you lie again to sleep. In most cases, the worries, concerns and disappointments go to sleep with you and make it impossible even to sleep. Healing meditation gives you the ability to roll over the worries a nd strai ns carried by your mind to a neat pile that does not seem so important. Meditation is the ability to transcend beyond worries and to achieve a totally relaxed mind. At that state, the mind is at its optimal finesse.

Meditation also severes the imaginary boundaries erected between the components of the self. Through meditation, you are able to transcend between the barriers of the body, mind and spirit until you achieve a glorious harmony and unity. The body was designed to work as a unit. However, our lifestyles usually segregate these three components and severe their integration. Consequently, the body and the spirit suffer while the mind is overburdened. Meditation enables these three parts to be one and thus to share all challenges. In that state, no disease can survive in the body, no strain can overbear the mind and no depression can stain your spirit.

Once such a oneness is attained, you are just one level away from attaining the real power of healing through meditation. The next level, which is the greatest of all meditation stations, is attaining an infinite feeling of absolute peace and physical well-being. When the mind agrees that you are okay and the spirit gains peace, the body follows suit with complete wholesomeness of health and relaxation. At this point, you have successfully pierced into the cosmic potency of healing meditation.

About the Author

Tom Fazio is a personal trainer and martial arts instructor based in Shanghai China. He teaches and blogs on various types of meditation including Healing Meditation and Mindfulness Meditation.

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