Power of Meditation For Handling Divorce Stress

Article by Dani Taylor

If there’s one thing a divorce brings, it’s stress. With the emotional pressure that you’re dealing with as well as the pain, financial stress, child custody battles and everything else, it’s no wonder you’re so stressed out. Stress can act as a silent killer – causing a higher risk of many chronic diseases and health conditions. Just a few of the things it can cause includes diabetes, heart disease, heart attack, weight gain, depression and much more. If you do nothing else, find some way of controlling and reducing the stress you’re feeling. Here is some information on the power of meditation for handling divorce stress.

How Does Meditation Help Stress?

As we become stressed, our heart beats faster, our breathing becomes faster, adrenaline may pump through our bodies and our bodies release dangerous hormones. These hormones can cause hair loss, weight gain, depression and much more. Meditation helps to stop these hormones from being released. It’s also easy to become angrier, more frustrated and upset when we are stressed. As we use meditation to relax and bring about a state of calmness, our breathing and heart rate returns to normal, our bodies stop releasing those dangerous chemicals and we remain healthier. Meditation even slows down the aging of our minds

What Are Some Tips for Meditation?

There are all different types of meditation, but you can easily calm yourself by using a simple meditation like this one. First, close your eyes and relax your entire body. Focus on clearing your mind. Then, imagine a scene that makes you feel calm and relaxed, such as a bubbling brook surrounded by wildflowers, a deserted and quiet park or a warm, sunny beach. Take a few minutes to see what is in the scene, from the sky to animals or insects and flowers or plants. Smell the things that are there as well, such as the wildflowers, the salty ocean or other things. Do these exercises until you feel calmer and relaxed.

Benefits of Mediation –

There are many benefits of me ditation , including it’s power to relieve stress. Unlike paying for therapy or medication, you can use meditation whenever you need to and it’s free. You’re able to significantly reduce the stress you’re feeling. Meditation also allows you to have improved memory and concentration. It can be a great way to escape from the stress and hectic time a divorce brings. When you’re in an intense situation and need to remain level headed and calm, a quick meditation can help you remain alert and keep from becoming emotionally distraught. Simply allow yourself to revisit that peaceful place in your mind.

Meditation can be a savior when you’re dealing with the stress of a divorce. By using the tips and tricks above, you’re able to use meditation to your benefit. From relieving the stress you’re feeling to allowing you a chance to escape, meditation is a great thing to use during your divorce.

About the Author

Danielle L. Taylor is a freelance writer and mom of 3, who’s gone through a devastating divorce with her husband of 15 years (after his infidelity) and was able to get back on track as a strong, happy and free person. She is a member of http://www.Xstilla.com one of the most active online divorce communities, where people find support, help and understanding.

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