Practice yoga in the scientific way

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Do you practice yoga?Nowadays yoga is popular with the females who want to keep fit.Yoga is also regarded as the healthy exercise to lose weight.However now the statistics show that yoga leads to the corresponding spike in injuries.The females in Hong Kong have witnessed the negative impacts by practicing yoga. Yoga that is originated in India combines meditation with a series of poses meant to improve strength and flexibility.So it is regarded as the way to relax the body and even the mind.This is popular with those who have too much pressures from jobs and want to ease the stress in the daily life.So in some way the yoga studios are booming over one night in the city.Have we ever doubted the qualification of the yoga studios?They are the professional team to teach others?Do they have any qualification certificates?We have tried to check their license or certificates?I suppose most of us here do not do anything above.Sometimes we tend to believe others without any identification,especially what we want most.Many cases in Hong Kong show that some yoga teachers teach the yoga students in the wrong way which is harmful to the body.Some fitness centers offer yoga classes simply for the high demand.While it is unknown whether they are qualified or not.This is one of the reasons that the injuries caused by yoga continue. However yoga causes pains as a way of exercise.The pains concerning the back,legs or shoulders are not avoidable because of the strength and flexibility.Yoga requires the bending of the legs,back and arms.Nearly the whole body are on nerve when exercising yoga.Some yoga students can not curve their bodies as what the teachers ask.There are two reasons.One is that their bodies are not flexible.The other is that the exercise is beyond their physical abilities.In some yoga classes the teachers help the students to bend their body.It is dangerous to cause pains to the body.At the same time the students who do not attend the yoga classes exercise yoga by themselves without any correct guid e.It is possible that they practice yoga in the wrong way which is not helpful to the body.While even those who attend yoga classes can not understand the true nature of yoga and exercise yoga in their own ways.It is risky for us to exercise the body in our own ways without knowing it is healthy or not.It is essential to learn the knowledge of yoga before taking yoga classes.And practice yoga in the scientific way.

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