Psychic Meditation

Article by Kelly Keys

As I have said many times meditation is the foundation of psychic ability. When you want to improve anything in your life such as relationships or a financial situation, meditation unlocks the negativity that gets trapped in our beings.

Our minds fill up with negativity every single day because we are always on the go, the news is rarely positive, the traffic stresses us out, we worry about our children, and maybe our health is suffering or someone we love is ill. The list goes on and on. Our goal is tolet go of the negativity in our daily lives by achieving psychic meditation.

Meditation helps us to achieve a peaceful and happy life that is complete and content.There are a number of helpful things to do to enhance meditation:

* Sit up straight; in a chair or on the floor, but with a straight spine.

* Meditate every single day; before long you can’t imagine skipping a day.

* Morning is the best time to meditate to get your psychic abilities flowing. The morning is best, before the day’s activities get going and the stress kicks in.

* Find a calm, peaceful and quiet environment. This is very important with meditation.

* Music is a personal choice. If you play music, listen to calming instrumental music.

You want to concentrate and focus deeply on a solid object or your breath. You want to learn with practice how to lose all other thoughts that seem to push their way into our minds while meditating. Psychic meditation is about concentration. You will learn to let everything go even when you aren’t meditating. You will be mindful during the day to remain mentally calm.

Start out with your meditation for 10 minutes every day and work up to 30 minutes even two times a day. Meditation will literally change your life for the better and it will enable you to develop your psychic intuitiveness.

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