Pure Binaural Beats Review: Meditation Download for Brain Entrainment

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Our Pure Binaural Beats Review Team gathered and examined various online venues of meditation download for brain entrainment. After this it chose and studied Pure Binaural Beats in great detail. The most important gist was extracted from the information given. After all this it is now being presented in front of you in its truest shape. This information will help you in making an informed decision whether to purchase this product or not.

Brain is the most delicate part of the body. It controls every single action we do. Our brain keeps working all through the day. But the brain state with the level of its frequencies keeps frequently changing. Delta, theta, Alpha and beta are the four frequency levels it operates at. Our brain is mostly in Alpha and Beta state, as we all keep thinking 24 hours a day. Brain changes its state only when it either stops or starts the process of thinking. We rarely enter delta and theta states. Our modern lifestyle has long forgotten being in relaxed meditative states at all.

But there has recently been a great invention to deal with this chaos in our life. These frequency levels in the brain can be changed at will now. We can change our brain-state by using recorded sound waves. After listening to these sound waves our brain starts acting in different way. We can easily feel the relaxation and the meditative state inside our psyche. These sound waves are recorded in such a way as affects the brain in the fastest possible manner.

With the help of binaural beats we can experience noiseless brainwave beats. These beats are below the human audible range.

Here is the history of Binaural Beats:

Heinrich Wilhelm Dove invented binaural beats in 1839. He was the first person to discover them. A serious research got started in the following years. Ultimately Gerald Oster arrived at a conclusive judgement.

He concluded some of his results in 1973. All of his research papers on binaural beats were published in Scientific American.

Gerald wrote a n article on “Auditory Beats in the Brain”. He mentioned that binaural beats were a very powerful tool. It could provide a great help in neurological and cognitive research.

Later on, physicist Thomas Campbell and Dennis Menerich with the help of Robert Monroe discovered many more things regarding this new technology. They bought lot of applications of binaural beats. They also developed software programs which could easily change the frequency levels in the brain.

There were made many more inventions in this field. Now, as of today, everyday a new tool is hitting the market facilitating ultimate relaxation and deep meditative states. All these tools have come with great new promises.

Pure Binaural Beats Review Team on Working of Binaural Beats vis-a-vis Meditation Download for Brain Entrainment:

For brain entrainment, two audio frequencies are prepared. It is important to hear both the frequencies. There is a little difference between these two. Frequency in the left ear is, say, 400 Hz and in the right it is 410 Hz. Our brain tries to filter out the difference between the two frequencies. This makes it work at the frequency of the said difference between the two tones or beats in the two different ears. This way we can easily entrain the brain frequencies along with the resulting brain state to any desired level.

Headphones are necessary in this process. With them we can easily change our state of mind. We experience a whole new spectrum of awareness.

Pure Binaural Beats Review Team on Working of Monaural Beats vis-a-vis Meditation Download for Brain Entrainment:

In monaural beats there is only one single tone. You have to concentrate only on one single tone. It is of a specific pattern. It is very easy to work with monaral beats, which is a more advanced technology than binaural beats. It is not at all important to use headphones here, as you have to concentrate on one single tone only.

Pure Binaural Beats Review Team on Working of Isochronic Tones vis-a -vis Med itation Download for Brain Entrainment:

Isochronic tones are much more advanced than binaural beats and monaural Beats. Effects produced are very powerful. They use equal intensity tones in both ears. The waveform they use to perform their task is very clean. Headphones are not at all important. But if you use them, it provides better results.

Pure Binaural Beats Review Team highly recommends Pure Binaural Beats for the purpose of meditation download for brain entrainment.

There are many things that we want to improve in our life. Each of these purposes has its thoroughly developed software program here. Researches have shown that these software programs are very effective. They easily achieve the purpose for which they are programmed.

For reasons of product protection, Pure Binaural Beats Review Team cannot publish the recordings of meditation download for brain entrainment as such.

Pure Binaural Beats Review Team on Results of Meditation Download for Brain Entrainment:

As you listen to these sounds, you will start feeling heavier in the beginning. You will also face difficulty in moving your entire body. At that juncture, you will automatically try to attain the most relaxing posture in your body. You can ‘see’ various different colors in your mind’s eye. You will totally be out of all your stresses.

This process may take time as every person is different. But the end results are always the same.

Pure Binaural Beats Review Team on Safety Factor in Meditation Download for Brain Entrainment:

This software uses similar levels of frequencies that we experience daily. But if you are suffering from any brain problem or a heart problem, consulting a doctor beforehand would be the best option. You should not be doing any kind of work demanding alertness while listening to these beats.

Pure Binaural Beats Review Team on Brain Frequencies Listing of Meditation Download for Brain Entrainment:

Beta waves:

They occur when we are deeply involved in some thing. Frequency ranges from 13 to 40 Hz.

Alpha waves:

They occur when we are talking with a friend or casually involved in something. Frequency ranges from 7 to 13 Hz.

Theta waves:

They occur when we are dreaming and meditating. Frequency ranges from 4 to 7 Hz.

Delta waves:

They occur when we are in deep dreamless sleep. Frequency ranges from 1 to 4Hz.

After all the investigations, finally Pure Binaural Beats Review Team highly recommends Meditation Download for Brain Entrainment from Pure Binaural Beats website.

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