Reduce Pain Through The Practice of Meditation

Article by Madelynan Doyle

Dealing with Pain through Meditation

The expression, “mind over matter” is better understood through meditation. Meditation is a powerful process that can help people through many life issues. Through meditation, we learn to clear our minds and concentrate on being. Through meditation we can change our focus, change our experience of our bodies, and change our feelings including pain. People that are dealing with physical pain should realize that meditation can help them reduce pain by channeling their mind to another focus of attention. Different methods of meditation help relieve pain.

Clearing your mind through meditation can really help ease your suffering by using your mind to keep the pain away. The pain is more intense when people choose to think about it all the time. Meditation teaches you to calm your mind, to stop your thoughts, and to focus on being and breathing. Learning to clear your mind allows you to train your mind to change focus and therefore, reduce pain. If your attention is put upon something else, the pain will become more manageable.

Another method of meditation is to utilize visualization. When you visualize your pain, move it or change it while in this meditative state, this is a form of hypnosis. Creating an image of what your pain is and then moving it from the body can change the intensity of the pain. Do you realize that your mind does not distinguish between reality and fantasy? So when you train your mind to think about the pain differently and perhaps move it. Your mind will believe what you tell it, particularly when it is in a calm and relaxed state. Tell your mind that the pain has moved, changed, lessoned while you meditate. This may decrease your pain.

Using these methods may not take the pain away altogether. It will however, make it much easier to deal with. Clearing your mind, focusing your attention on something other than your pain, calming and relaxing your mind, may decrease your pain. Practice meditation and see how your m ind, bod y and spirit change and grow. Obviously, if you have a serious medical condition behind your pain, you should consult your physician before beginning a meditation regiment.

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