Relaxing Ocean Stress Reduction

Relaxing Stress Reduction

(Anmol: Here is a guest post from Kristi Nimmo, who completed the Mastery of Stress Reduction Teacher’s Certification Program, and has profound and unique insights into meditation and spirituality.  To learn more about her and the meditation techniques she teaches, visit her website A Stone Speaks – Inspired Stress Reductions.

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I Hear the Ocean – A Relaxing Ocean Stress Reduction

The ocean is a place of great mystery and beauty and healing.  One does not need to live near large bodies of water to benefit from their power to change and ease day-to-day stresses.  I would like to describe a simple meditation for those who enjoy the transformational sounds of the ocean. During this practice, you will primarily engage the sense of hearing, but you may also be seeing in your inner mind the movement of the waves.

Sit or stand or recline in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Imagine that you are standing or are seated near an ocean.  With each in breath through the nostrils you hear the ocean.  With each out breath through the nostrils you hear the ocean.  Put your hands over your ears for a little while.  This will help you to hear the ocean in the in breath and hear the ocean in the out breath. You may put your hands down at any time and rest them as you like.  At first it may seem that the sound of the breath is like the ocean.  Gently lose yourself into the breath and allow the breath to transform into the sound of the ocean.  There is no comparison of breath to ocean.  It just is the ocean sound.

If other sounds spontaneously become part of this soundscape, it is fine – seagulls, people laughing, a boat, or noises in your meditation environment.  Two minutes is a good amount of time for this practice.

Benefits of Ocean Stress Reduction 

Personally, I have found that this practice heightens my intuitive senses, particularly hearing. It has helped me to listen more openly to others express themselves. It gives to me a soothing feeling of expansion in the heart region and encourages familiarity with peaceful and relaxing sensations.  Next time you have a reaction to something, try a couple of minutes of ocean-sound breathing. I hope that this meditation is helpful to you.

Kristi Nimmo can be reached at or  She is a painter, writer, and meditation teacher. She is a graduate of the Mastery of Stress Reduction Teacher’s Certification program.

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