Self-Healing with Meditation

by ElDave

Article by Mike Handy

Nowadays, a lot of disease attacks humans in various side of world. There is diseases because of virus and bacteria and also because bad habit of some one. Besides that, there is disease suffer urban community called by psychosis. Health problem of body and soul happened by change of climate and environment quality degradation as the next factor.

To overcome it, now, a lot of medicine and pharmacy technology has been developing from traditional till super sophisticated. But, new various diseases still come and make new problem in the community. Medicine and pharmacy technology not fully can solve and cure those problems. Moreover, if consider side effect from it’s healing approach.

Meditation has been considering as healing therapy since a long time a go. It is a healing and medicine alternative by human in various side of world. This article discuss about how to self-healing with meditation in simple way.

What is Self-healing with Meditation?Basically, every body can heal their self with many approaches. For example, if you feel pain, you can buy drug in drug store without medical recipe. Or, you will sleep if you got head pain or feel very tired. Based on biological science, our body has immune system that can overcome all virus and bacteria in our body. But, if our immune system cannot overcome that problem, we need go to doctor to check our problem and get some medicine from there.

Another way is made a self-healing process with meditation. Meditation can use for single alternative healing process or supplemental for main healing process. Self-healing is healing process with our energy, our mind, our desire and our pray to heal our illness. Meditation is tool for develop energy to heal our illness and/or more health and fresh our condition.

Various meditations can develop your energy to heal our health problems. In meditation, energy awakens in our body and makes healing process automatically. When you in relax condition, your energy will made improvement of you r qualit y body and soul.

Which illness can heal by Meditation?All kind of illness can heal by meditation. It is can be directly healed or need long time process to heal an illness. For examples: kinds of illness are head pain, nerve pain, stress, hypertension, stroke, psychosomatics, leukemia, very tired, anemia, back pain, cardiovascular, and many more.

Basically, all kind of illness can solve by meditation because our energy and pray will made healing process. For light illness, we can easy heal by meditation in very fast time. My experiences showed some people urban problem like head pain, tired, stress, back problem and another light pain very easy heal with meditation.

A Simple MethodBelow some simple method when you get pain:

1. Stand Up Meditation. If you can stand up, please stand up freely in the floor. But if you are hard to stand up because your illness, ask somebody to help you stand up. You can stand up with lean to the wall. Close your eyes and feel energy move from earth to all your body and soul. Do not forget to pray with your way. Do this with arrange your breath for many time (15-20 minutes). Our experience showed a woman who suffers leukemia could heal with this method. Others pains will easy to heal.

2. Sit down meditation. Do this like above but in sit down position. You can try another position too but do not push your self in hard position. That position must be easy to use.

More better if you use dragon meditation for self-healing process and develop your bio-magnetic energy for healing and self-protection too. See for more information. This is not tattoo website but meditation website.

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Mike Handy is Meditation practitioner and Trainer almost 18 Years. Dragon meditation is meditation with step hand to activate your energy and absorb universe energy. Millions people has trained in South East Asia. See my website

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