Sleep Meditation can be really effective for insomniacs

Article by Jonsonmak

Are you craving for a good night’s sleep? Does it feel that you will fall asleep as soon as you lie on the bed but keeping on turning and tossing without catching up on sleep till late night? These are some of the very common problems that many people are suffering from. With fast and hectic life and changed living patterns, many things have undergone a sea change and sleep is also one of them. However, there is nothing to worry in that. Various kinds of sleep meditation techniques have been found out and more and more techniques are being implemented each day to induce sleep in people. If you are facing the problem of sleep deprivation lately, you can try out various sleep meditation techniques for beginners and are surely going to be benefitted by that.

Lack of sleep can lead to various other kinds of problems in a person, beginning from abdominal issues to depression and irritation. Your entire life seems to get hampered. On not getting proper sleep you tend to be sleepy and irritated all throughout the day, you lack energy and enthusiasm to do any kind of work. If this continues, on the long run, your well-being and your health gets severely affected due to lack of sleep. The various sleep meditation techniques can easily fight with these problems as you can relax well and enjoy a sound sleep. Meditating is actually quite a difficult thing to do than said. In the various meditation techniques for beginners, it is taught how to meditate slowly and once the base level is set, one can meditate well in any place. Meditation helps in removing stress and tension to a great extent and not only relaxes the mind but also the body as a whole.

Counting down is one of the oldest and very effective sleep meditation techniques that are practiced by people over the years. This is also one of the popular sleep meditation techniques for beginners that help them in getting some deep sleep. If by counting down once does not help, repeat the process again and you are sure to benefit from this sleep m editatio n process. Apart from this, there are also various breathing exercises that can help you to relax your mind and body and you can get good sleep thereafter. Many meditation techniques for beginners also use soft music or binaural beats or use hemi-sync meditation music so that it becomes easy for the beginners to concentrate and meditate during the breathing exercises. The most important thing about the breathing exercises is that you have to focus hard on the entire breathing pattern and rhythm.

Mindful meditation and guided imagery are also very effective sleep meditation processes that are opted by many people. However, these are not very suitable meditation techniques for beginners as these meditation techniques require lot of concentration and focus, which only grow with time. It is always good to meditate in an open place, which is quiet and serene and away from the din and bustle of normal life. Once you are done with the meditation, you can feel the change in your mind and body.

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Delta Shaman ( binaural beats & Solfeggio) This meditation has a timeless feel on a sweeping 285 Hz drone, establishing a powerful Zen ambiance with occasional Tuvan throat singing. Tibetan Chimes & occasional delicate Solfeggio sequence tuned to 528 Hz, 742 Hz, 852 Hz & 963 Hz support the theme. There is also a Tibetan spinning bowl tuned to 396 Hz & pure sine-waves at 528 Hz & 741 Hz. The binaural beats are in this track is at the phantom tone of 639 Hz at a rate of 3.5 Hz. For the best entrainment response listen with stereo headphones. There are also additional entrainment methods to support the dive into Delta..

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