Stop Tension Headaches – How to get rid of Tension Headache with Yoga

Article by Raphael Wettenstein

Headache has become a normal part of almost every person’s life and the most common form of headache is the ‘Tension Headaches’. It can attack a person of any age group.

Generally, it occurs when a person performs an activity that involves holding your head in a position without much movement for a long time. For instance, looking straight to the cinema screen may sometimes cause a tension headache.

There are different ways to get rid of tension headache, but I cannot recommend the available medications for you as most of them have severe side effects on your health. I am going to tell you about one great way that will help you get relief from your tension headache problem.

Yoga, it is a great natural cure to a number of different kinds of medical problems. It cures numerous diseases and disorders without causing any side effects.

The Yoga exercises works effectively for the tension headache problem. Now, the Doctors are also recommending their patients to practice Yoga for the headache problems.

‘Sinus Pressure’ is a well known cause behind the tension headaches problem and the Yoga breathing techniques and yoga poses work effectively for this by opening sinuses and relieving the tension.

Pain is also a responsible factor behind this problem and yoga works for it as well. The Yoga poses that involves full stretching of the neck, upper back with the chest and shoulders are very good for this problem. Yoga alleviates the pain by releasing the muscular tension in the body parts and increasing the blood circulation to your head. It stimulates the nervous system too. Yoga is really an effective way to get rid of tension headache.

Stress is another major reason that causes tension headache. The stress built in your mind and body blocks the energy in you body and sometimes it can pull the body out of the alignment and that creates pain and tension. Yoga is a sure cure for this problem as it relieves the stress and tension easily wit its postures and breathing t echnique s.

The Yoga style supports to get rid of headache by directing your focus help you allow your mind and body get relax. It works for releasing the negative energy from your body.

The different Yoga exercises with relaxation and breathing techniques replace the negative energy of our mind with the positive one and release the blocks in the mind.

Muscle tension also creates headaches and Yoga is a perfect solution to this problem. The different yoga exercises work well to relieve both the muscular tension and mental tension.

Yoga helps for Tension Headache by –

Reliving stress and tensionStimulating the oxygen flowRejuvenate the bodyIncreasing vitalityImproving strength

Common Yoga Poses for Tension Headaches –

Hatha Yoga DevanandDownward Facing Dog PoseCat Yoga PoseCobra PoseReclining PoseCorpse Yoga PoseForward bend (Paschimottanasana)Knee press (Butterfly pose)Reclining pose (Shavasana)

Yoga Breathing Exercises –

PranayamasKapalabhattiAlternate nostril breathingSitali & Sitkari

Yoga also emphasizes on good diet to help relive tension and stress. Eating green vegetables and fresh fruits helps a lot. Avoid canned or processed foods, coffee, caffeinated drinks and alkaloids etc. Drink plenty of water and always breathe properly. This yoga style supports to get rid of headache.

Yoga builds our mind healthier and stronger and keeps it less prone to stress and tension. Yoga neutralizes any kinds of negative influences and emotions present in the mind.

Yoga works effectively for the relaxation of the muscles of your head. Yoga calms down your mind and creates peace and thus helps you with the tension headache problem.

So, start practicing Yoga from today and get rid of tension headache.

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