Strengthening the Connection With Reiki and Meditation

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Article by Ryan J Bell

People who are just beginning to learn how to use Reiki to heal themselves and others can gain practical momentum through meditation. Regardless of whether you’re earning your first degree or have already become a Master after graduating from a third degree course, meditating pushes you to the next plateau. In fact, many practitioners who have faithfully adhered to the practice’s underlying principles claim they began to see a new level of progress only after meditating regularly.

Below, we’ll explore the ways in which finding quiet and solitude on a regular basis can strengthen the connection you feel with the Reiki energy. I’ll explain the fundamentals of meditation and how you train yourself to schedule time for it. I’ll also describe a 3-week program that you can use to contemplate your goals and seek answers.

What Does It Mean To Meditate?

Many people confuse prayer with meditation. It’s worth clarifying the difference. Prayer is speaking with God. To meditate is to embark on something entirely different. It is the act of quieting your mind and listening to what God has to tell you. Many Reiki practitioners prefer to begin each day by meditating on how they should use the universal energy into which they tap.

But, it’s a mistake to think that meditating must be done according to a schedule. In truth, many of the most revelatory moments are experienced during spontaneous meditation. A lot of Reiki devotees find themselves tapping into hidden stores of spirituality even while doing mundane things like driving, washing the dishes, or exercising. The key is to appreciate the meaning behind meditation and how it fortifies your connection with the Reiki energy.

Finding The Time

There will always be reasons to procrastinate meditating. Our lives are busier than ever and time is a valuable commodity. It’s too easy to keep telling yourself that you’ll meditate later in the day after you’ve accomplished everything on your “to do” list. But, that seldom happens. Othe r things will continue getting in the way.

This is one of the reasons why many Reiki Masters devote time during the early morning to their meditation. They realize that spending time alone and communing with God is critical to being able to focus on their spiritual growth. In doing so, they gain a better understanding about the healing nature of Reiki and the relationship they share with the universe.

A 3-Week Program To Strengthen The Connection

To be sure, there are many approaches to developing the habit of meditation. The program that follows is used by many practitioners because it helps them build the habit while strengthening their focus and spiritual empowerment. It is a 3-week process through which you can open your mind to your connection with the universe’s healing energy.

Week 1 – During the first week, you’ll concentrate on the Usui symbol of power. Each day will start with a specific question. Find a quiet, secluded place and meditate on the symbol for 20 minutes. Keep a small legal pad nearby to write down any notes that form in your mind during your session. They can include words or symbols. It is not important that you understand your notes; rather, it is important that you record them.

Week 2 – The second week will focus on the mental and emotional symbols of Usui. Each day will begin with another question. As before, meditate on the symbols for 20 minutes in a secluded area where you will not be disturbed. Keep your legal pad nearby and record any thoughts or images that appear in your mind.

Week 3 – The last week focuses on the distant healing symbol of Usui. You’ll spend the entire week meditating on this symbol for 20 minutes each day. Write down any notes on your legal pad.

Ideally, the above program should be used by students and practitioners who have passed the second degree of training. Those who have become Reiki Masters can add to the program by including additional symbols. Remember, the first step is building the habit. Only then can you t ruly con nect with the universe and explore that connection with the Reiki energy.

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