Stylish Meditation Cushions

Article by Owen Jones

Meditation has always proved well-liked. Monks and yogis have been practicing it for thousands of years and students of the East, normally younger Western people seeking their way in life, have often practiced it too. Monks of the east and the west have studied meditation as a method of enlightenment, although most people associate Buddhist monks with the chief exponents of this form of study and introspection.

In order to meditate for a protracted period of time, you have to be seated comfortably otherwise you may be distracted by soreness or numbness. In the East, people sit in the Lotus position from a very early age right up to the day they die, so meditating in the Lotus position, that is with crossed legs, is perfectly normal – most people sit crossed-legged each day of their lives, but we do not in the West.

Therefore, when a Westerner wants to meditate, it is frequently better to use a cushion or a mat, as you would while doing yoga or palates. A meditation cushion is meant to help you maintain the right posture, with a straight back, whilst keeping you comfortable. A meditation cushion may help novices at meditation get used to sitting for long periods of time without moving. It could be useful in helping to train children particularly.

The name often given to a meditation cushion is ‘zafu’. It is normally handmade and attractive, but it has the role of raising the sitter so that the knees point downwards. This helps the sitter keep a straight back, which yogis believe is important to free the Kundalini which resides there.

Often this meditation cushion is credited with some repute, so some people put it on a mat called a zabuton rather than lay it directly on the floor.

Traditional meditation cushions are round and made from cotton. There are many designs, but they are often fairly ornate. The stuffing for the cushion is normally natural kapok, cotton batting or buckwheat hulls. All of these natural fibres offer a quite stiff, yet comfortable support. Most meditat ion cushions have removable covers so that they can be washed without making the stuffing wet.

There is some deviation in the diameter and thickness of these cushions so that the user can get one to suit his or her girth and weight, although most cushions of this nature will improve anyone’s experience of their meditation sessions. The diameters vary from roughly twenty to about forty centimetres and are roughly twenty centimetres in thickness.

These meditation cushions are definitely an invention for the Western meditator as an Easterner would have no need for them, but having said that they can make your meditation session a lot more comfortable.

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