Binaural Beats Are Excellent for Guided Meditation

Article by Kari Farmer

I’ve been meditating for a few years now but I have a real hard time quieting my brain. I’ll try to focus on a sound or an object but my mind will wander to what I did that morning or what I have to do later. Once I realize that there’s something I have to do then I can’t get back into a meditative state.

Another thing that happens to me, although less often, is I’ll actually be doing a good job focusing but I fall asleep within a few minutes of getting there. Then I wake up feeling like I had a nap but not feeling like I meditated on something.

My reasoning for meditation is usually to find an answer that I’m looking for and I always do find an answer but it relates to later in the day chores I have to do. That’s very frustrating when you are looking for an answer to something pertaining to your life that deeply affects you.

I found the best meditation I had ever had was a guided one by a friend of mine.

He instructed my group of friends to relax, then relax some more. I found myself focusing on his words and being able to also focus on the imagery he was giving to us. My mind didn’t have a chance to take over with its rambling thoughts because he would move on to the next instruction before my mind could do that. By the time he got to our reason for doing the meditation I was completely relaxed and focused on what I was meditating for. The answer to my question was as clear as day in my mind and I was extremely excited about the whole experience.

I went home and did the meditation again as we had just done it but this time my mind wandered with no one to guide it. I realized that I needed some sort of guide to help me until I could focus myself.

I found Binaural Beats.

Our brain goes through many frequency cycles during each day. Different frequencies produce different effects to the human consciousness. Using this information, it has been discovered that the brains receiving and operating frequency can be altered by sound waves. Many of the most po werful b rain frequencies are less than 20 Hz. Hertz, or Hz for short, are a unit of frequency.

Our hearing doesn’t respond to frequencies below 20 Hz. This is where binaural beat technology comes in. It uses the inner wiring of the brain to create the desired frequency with perfect accuracy.

Basically in your right ear will be a frequency of 308 Hz and in your left ear will be a frequency of 300 Hz so your brain is drawn towards the beat frequency of 8 Hz which is the difference between the two.

Among many things that you can use this for, one is meditation.

I find that within seconds of putting the earphones in and laying down I am in a meditative state. I come out of it feeling refreshed and satisfied.

It’s so nice to know that I’m taking that time out of the day to focus on my meditation at that very moment and not thinking about the past or future.

I’ve had excellent results finding answers to my questions now and I’m actually really glad that I have these binaural beats to turn to because my friend is not available to me any time I want like my binaural beats are.

If you want to obtain a calmer and more focused meditation and you think that guided meditation might be for you then check out binaural beats.

I found my meditation binaural from It also has many other things besides meditation that may help you.

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Meditate The Easy Way With Holosync

Article by Michael McGrath

Meditation has many benefits that range from less stress to total spiritual Realization. If you are new to the concept of meditation then you should investigate the benefits further. For now just know that meditation has mental, emotional and physical benefits that can be gained from little else. This is where the power of Holosync comes in.

Holosync is a unique way to meditate. The most common way to meditate is through a series of mental exercises that reduce stress in the body and quiet the mind. It is the role of meditation to quiet the mind from the constant internal chatter that all of us experience at every moment of every day.

Buddhists are the most commonly known experts in the field of meditative practices. It takes a lifetime for devotees to perfect this art. All forms of meditation have deep positive effect on the mind and bring amazing benefits to the body.

Meditation has been around for thousands of years, perhaps even longer, and the methods for using it have stayed the same throughout history. Although there have been different systems devised for its use, it has, at its core, remained the same. To perfect the art of meditation you need to dedicate long periods of time. It requires at least one hour of practise everyday for many years before you can start to see the benefits reported by many medical studies. However, with Holosync this can all change.

Holosync is a technology that has been around since the 1980s. Compared to traditional forms of meditation it is a very new way of meditating. With all forms of meditation some mental effort is required. However, Holosync requires no effort other than putting on stereo headphones and closing your eyes

Through the use of sound technologies, first discovered over 100 years ago and perfected in the 1970s, called binaural beats Holosync can guide the listener into a deep meditative state. Many medical and scientific studies have discovered that binaural beats produce the same states experienced by deep medi taters.< /p>

By merely listening to binaural beats through an ordinary player you can experience profoundly deep meditations. Binaural beats are a type of brain entrainment.

Brain entrainment is a phrase used to refer to anything that changes brainwaves in a controlled and deliberate manner to create specific mental states. You should be aware that certain mental states cretae physical states and emotional states within the body. Therefore, by deliberately creating such mental states it is possible to create the corresponding physical and emotional state.

This is where the power of binaural beats really come into play. As a self improvement tool designed to create the type of mental states that accelerate personal growth binauarl beats can eradicate negative mental patterns and remove negative emotional attachment to painful or disturbing memories – just like meditation

I urge you to try mediation as the benefits cannot be over-stressed. If you wish to remove stress, emotional upsets or just create more peace in your life mediation and binaural beats are a great way to do this. However, further research into the subject should allow you to discern how well both can benefit you.

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How To Do Yoga For Beginners

Article by Seb Branson

There are several diverse forms of yoga available if you want to learn how to do yoga, but the most common form participated by most people is called hatha yoga.

Hatha Yoga

Firstly, this type of yoga concentrates on the practice of postures and the control of breathing to invigorate the subtle channels. Focusing on the third and fourth steps of the eight-fold path of Ashtanga Yoga, this type of yoga concentrates on the practice of postures and the control of breathing to invigorate the subtle channels.

If you believe that hatha yoga most suitable for you and want learn how to do yoga, it is probably a good idea to do a course or class offers hatha yoga. You can visit your local health club, search through your local phone book or local newspaper or use google to find how to do yoga classes nearby to where you live or work.

Additionally, not much in the way of equipment is needed when learning how to do yoga. More often than not yoga mats are provided for free in the classes that offer yoga or you can purchase a yoga map for very little cost.

Bikram Yoga

Bikram yoga is practised in a very hot room and is another form of yoga.

If you want to learn how to do yoga of this type then be warned that it is not for everyone. People who don’t like to perspire or find it too uncomfortable in hot humid environments generally are not keen to learn how to do yoga of this.

Bikram yoga involves a sequence of 26 standing and twisting yoga poses and includes a breathing technique called the Kapalabhati breath. The advantage of Bikram yoga being performed in a extremely hot heated room is that it helps the body to stretch more than it would under normal conditions.

Power Yoga

There also some forms of power yoga which increase the physical resilience of the participants. There is a good reason that it is called power yoga because you will be totally worn out by the end of the class. Power yoga should be undertaken with care as there is always the possibility that you could get an muscular injury don’t do it properly.

Learning how to do yoga is beneficial because it is a good form physical fitness for anyone, regardless of how old they are or what shape their body is in or whatever their fitness condition may be. In addition it is also very good in teaching relaxation techniques and soothing stress.

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Yoga Creates A Balance Between The Body, Mind And Soul.

Article by Yoga Guru

Yoga is an ancient science that aims to create a balance between the body, mind and soul, thereby curing physical mental and spiritual disorders that are caused by this imbalance. In common language, yoga means union; it’s a union of the individual consciousness with the super-consciousness. To be exact, yoga aims at reminding the individual of this union that already exists and has merely been forgotten. To put it simply, yoga is experiencing and knowing what already exists, not inventing anything new.

At the physical level, yoga can create a balance and harmony among the various organs and systems of the body, allowing the healing powers inherent in the body to work and cure physical ailments. At the mental level, yoga is the harmony between mind, heart and hands or between thought, speech and action. At the spiritual level, yoga aims to destroy the individual ego that stands between the individual and the cosmos, thus attaining to the ultimate truth.

Yoga is basically a set of systematically devised physical exercises that lay emphasis on balance and posture. Combined with breathing exercises they have the capacity to cure almost any ailment of the body and mind. The underlying concept of yoga is to create the situation in which the human body can function at its optimum capacity.

Yoga Asanas or positions are simple and effective body movements that massage the muscles lubricate the joints and tone the whole body. Yoga postures help to keep the body healthy and the mind peaceful. Asanas exercise the nerves, glands, ligaments, and muscles. These exercises increase flexibility and balance in the body.

Yoga poses refer to the sequence of exercises which is extremely important to get the best results. They are scientifically graded to move from the simple to the complex, to cure the body first and then move on to mental and spiritual goals.

Though it is best to begin yoga practice under the guidance of a trained yoga teacher, you can now learn to do these exercises at home with the help of videos and yoga software. Once you have learned the basic exercises you can make it a part of your daily routine. It’s best to fix a time and place for doing yoga so that you can be regular and reap rich benefits from it. After some time you will see a sea change in yourself. Your body will become shapely, attractive and healthy; you will have a positive attitude and your worldview on life will become beautiful. You will feel blessed

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