How Hot is a Bikram Yoga Workout?

Bikram Yoga exercise is unique since it is practiced within the environment of a heated room.

The heat increases muscle relaxation as well as blood circulation allowing deeper stretching out and reducing risk of injury. Every person does not enjoy hot yoga. The extreme stretching out of muscle groups,over time, is actually good for everybody.

90 minutes is the time it takes to complete a Bikram workout. The beauty of this yoga is that every posture gets you ready for the next one.

Bikram yoga exercise is limited to 26 maximum positions. They are the same every timeThis type of yoga isn’t suitable for everybody. You need to be in excellent physical shape before trying this type of yoga.

Doing your best is the Bikram motto. Only be concerned with your performance. It is not a competition amoung the individual participants in the class.

Bikram yoga is also sometimes referred to as Hot yoga. It’s a form of Hatha yoga, which is any yoga that focuses on energizing the body. This yoga has a very structured exercise routine that uses a great deal of endurance and discipline.

Beginners ought to drink plenty of water just before class, as well as bring bottled water into class, and also take breaks to avoid dizziness or feeling sick.

Bikram yoga is a killer workout and as you perform each posture your body is preparing for the next position. Bikram Yoga is a complete mind and body work out.

Bikram provides a great way for the new mom to exercise and get some stretching done. Some great benefits to a brand new mother include an effective way to lose weight and get back in shape after giving birth.

Bikram yoga is done in smaller groups, limiting the number of people in the classes. While typical yoga periods have drawn thousands of individuals, Bikram yoga classes are much smaller.

Bikram yoga is a strenuous exercise. Bikram yoga is designed to assist you to lose weight, strengthen your muscles and increase blood flow. Since this kind of exercise helps re duce stress, it can help improve mental focus.

You need mental toughness as well as a physical endurance to complete a Bikram yoga class.

If you want to learn bikram yoga, you can search for classes in your town, or you can purchase a DVD.

This yoga is also called hot yoga because it is practiced in surroundings which are 105 degrees F and 40% moisture.

Bikram yoga follows the format of 26 positions and a couple of breathing exercises, lasting a full 90 minutes.


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Yoga could be future Olympic sport

A yoga organisation in the US, which apparently seeks to give the unconventional practice an Olympic status, is organising a yoga asana, or posture, competition.

Looking for the perfect pose will be the order of the day at the National Yoga Asana Championship, being put on March 2-4 by USA Yoga, which is holding the competition.

Rajashree Choudhury, who founded USA Yoga, insisted that the focus is on yoga postures.

“I’m not trying to measure anybody’s ‘eight states,” CBS News quoted her as saying while referring the meditative and spiritual aspect of yoga practice.

“The posture can be competitive.”

Participants are required to do a series of seven yoga poses in three minutes. Five are compulsory – standing head-to-knee pose, standing bow-pulling pose, bow pose, rabbit pose, and stretching pose.

The participants are allowed to choose the last two poses themselves.

The poses show “how someone can have perfect strength, balance, flexibility in the body,” Choudhury said.

The winners will be participating in an international competition scheduled for June in Los Angeles.

Yoga pose competitions are held in India, where yoga originated, and elsewhere around the world. Choudhury took part in them while growing up, as did her husband, Bikram Choudhury, founder of the Bikram Yoga form of hot yoga, which comprises a series of 26 poses done in a heated room.

She believes that the competitions can be a way to interest people in yoga who might be put off by the spiritual aspect, by showing them the athletic aspect.

But not all yoga practitioners have the same opinion.

“The roots of yoga are based in acceptance and non-violence and compassion toward self and others,” said Roseanne Harvey, 35, of Montreal, who’s been practicing yoga for 15 years.

She pointed out that in most yoga classes, “what we’re trying to do is encourage students not to compete.”

While saying that the universe of yoga had “room within it for lots of different approaches,” Harvey had some apprehensions about what yoga pose competitions would be promoting, that people could get hurt if the idea filters down that it’s about being able to get into the perfect positions. (ANI)

The Online Yoga Instructor

Article by Nil Jonee

Do you wish to take yoga professionally, why not try to become a professional online yoga instructor? Yoga is an art of living which is slowly gaining popularity among the masses in the recent years. You have many yoga sessions held throughout the year. But if you are passionate about learning the different benefits of yoga and can do full justice to your passion, why not take that up professionally. With the changing lifestyle, yoga is gradually becoming a hype among the people. Though people are aware about the overall idea yoga, but few have a clear idea about its curing effects and the various other advantages associated with the yoga poses. So if you want to preach the benefits of yoga, it is always beneficial to be an instructor.If you want to become an instructor, create a website of your own where you will discuss the benefits and advantages of exercises online. You can discuss about the different poses and how need to be practiced. You can either work with an established yoga website or create your own home page. These websites have their own rules and decorum and you will have to abide by them. When you are connecting with the visitors online, it is obviously very important to understand their mentality and their needs and demands. Most of the visitors try to know to know about your specialization area when they search for a good yoga instructor.

There are various kinds of exercises like the yoga for weight loss, yoga for meditation, Power or Bikram Yoga and also the different kinds of yoga exercises. You can preach your knowledge for yoga only if you have adequate knowledge pertaining to the different exercises. To become a reputed online yoga instructor, it is very important to market yourself properly. Your online profile regarding the yoga exercises must be an interesting one so that the visitors who click on the website once become your customers, the next moment. Your website must have a proper display of the yoga images and the different videos pertaining to the yoga exerci ses. You must also promise the visitors that you will provide them with effective results after practicing the exercises.

It is very necessary to get a good platform for the exercises online, so that you can reach out to a wide range of clients. You must guide and advise the customers in a proper manner with care and understanding so that they will get benefit from the yoga exercises in the long run. If you have your own website, it is always better to opt for blogging as you will be able to stay connected with the visitors any time of the day. Since you are available throughout the day, so the clients will be able to contact you whenever they feel the need. The most important thing is to discuss with them the various advantages of the yoga poses. All the daily updates must be posted on your website and to be a good yoga instructor it is always better to maintain a professional relationship with a personal touch added to it.

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Hot Yoga Towels are just one of the fitness items needed for success for a slip free experience

Article by Lewis Pelletier Anderson

Bikram Yoga, also known as “hot” yoga, is the latest and greatest health trend in Western Europe. It has proven to effectively improve overall physical and emotional health if practiced regularly. Hot yoga is a series of 26 yoga poses performed in a heated room at a typical temperature of 1050 F (400 C). Yoga is better known for the stretching and strengthening of muscles, tendons, organs, ligaments, and nerves with the additional benefits of inner peace and personal satisfaction. Bikram takes yoga a step further by combining the benefits of traditional yoga with the benefits of a sauna. The hot moist air causes the body to sweat out toxins and impurities that build up in our systems over time. On top of replenishing cells in our bodies, it also oxygenates our blood thus creating more even and healthy blood circulation to all parts of the body. When practicing Bikram Yoga it is important to have the right equipment. You should be wearing comfortable clothing particularly materials that allow perspiration to leave the clothing. Loos fitting clothes may not be the best idea considering how heavy and in the way clothing can become when drenched in sweat. Lycra materials and tighter fitting clothing are recommended. Above all, make sure you are comfortable and not wearing attire that may get in the way of your poses. Some people wear as little as possible. Although this may cause some embarrassment at first, it does not take very long to realize that peopl in the studio are there to better themselves and will commend you for the same effort regardless of how you look. The next important piece of equipment is a proper yoga mat. These mats are made of rubberized and foam materials and range from 72-182 cm long and 24-60 cm in width. The mat allows you to switch between one position and another anywhere regardless of how hard the floor may be. Instead, the mat offers a modicum of comfort while stretching and strenghening. Because of the mat’s material it has traction against the ground and slipping is n ot an is sue. Not only is slipping distracting but potentially dangerous. The last piece of important equipment addresses this issue. A towel is needed to absorb the impurities as they are being expelled from your body. NamaSTAY hot yoga towels provide absorption of sweat while providing stability. The design of the product tucks the edges of the yoga mat and in effect creates a skidless yoga towel that allows a practicioner to continue getting all of the fitness benefits from hot yoga while using a slip free towel to ensure safety. Bikram can be preformed by anyone, regardless of age or fitness experience. This is a growing trend in the yoga world and more yoga studios and gyms are offering Bikram as a part of their curriculum. The only real drawback for this style of yoga is not everyone has a sauna available. Luckily, it is available in most major cities in the United States and the world and products are being manufactured that help bridge the gap between traditional yoga and Bikram Yoga.

Bikram Yoga got its name from the world famous yoga guru, Bikram Choudhury. Choudhury has a devout following around the world. He is also a multi millionaire and the subject of criticism for his superstar success and flamboyant lifestyle. Regardless of the origin of Bikram Yoga, it is a great way to practice living a healthier lifestyle and gain a sense of inner peace

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The Number of Bikram Yoga Calories Burned

Article by Betty Frasier

Need to know The Number of Bikram Yoga Calories Burned? Why should you consider practicing yoga? More and more people are now into yoga exercises because of the obvious benefits. Bikram yoga is different from regular yoga exercises because it is performed in a hot environment. The rooms where the exercises are performed tend to have higher temperature that helps yoga enthusiasts to sweat and warm up the muscles. If you want to maintain optimum health, you should start learning the various yoga poses.

Aside from burning calories, Bikram yoga can also decrease the stress levels and it helps you in controlling your cravings or hunger. After exercising, it is typical to feel hungry. In fact, there are certain foods that you must eat after the yoga poses that can help you in achieving the best of health.

Basically, there are twelve positions that you have to master in Bikram. These poses are performed twice therefore making it a total of 24 poses. It will take about 90 minutes to finish a round of yoga postures. The duration is much longer in comparison to regular yoga exercises. This will allow you to burn more calories through Bikram. With the humidity and heat, your body will sweat hard and this will add up to the burned calories.

The higher room temperature is maintained to lower the injury risk of yoga enthusiasts but this gives the additional benefit of burning more calories. You can boost your immune system, tone the muscles, and get rid of unwanted fat. When you are able to detoxify the body, you will notice great improvement in your metabolism. You can also make the muscles and joints stronger.

Studies reveal that the 90 minutes yoga exercises can help a person burn around 600 calories. The same amount of calories can be burned if you run for over an hour. Keeping the body hydrated is very important before and after the yoga class. Before you enroll at a yoga class, you have to consult your doctor first especially if you have a cardiovascular diseases or any heart- related disease.

You get to burn many calories and at the same time strengthen the muscles. You can be sure that hot yoga can increase the oxygen in your bloodstream, detoxify the body, and keep the immune system healthier. This will result to optimum health and you can easily handle all the stresses of life.

Now that you know how much calories are burned during every session of yoga exercise, don’t you think it’s time that you get involved in Bikram Yoga? There are many yoga classes that you can find in the market and you simply have to look for one with an experienced yoga instructor. Make sure that you look for a hot yoga instructor that can meet your needs and requirements.

In most cases, the yoga exercises or postures are not that hard to learn. If you have the passion to learn, you will surely succeed. There is a need to setup your goals so that you can keep track of your improvements. Burn more calories in a hot environment through Bikram Yoga

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