Emotional Fitness Launched to Realize Resolutions

PhysioEmoDynamics Institute launches Emotional Fitness parties and private sessions to integrate emotional wellness program as a part of modern pop culture.

“Emotional and mental therapy is not only found in the therapists’ chair, Emotional Fitness must be a life style,” says Olga Kostrova, founder of the PhysioEmoDynamics Institute (PED), “and our mission is to take emotional and mental therapy from the therapists’ chair to the streets, where emotional health is needed the most, to eliminate violence at its root cause.”

Every year, millions of people make New Year resolutions to improve their physical and mental health, lose weight, get rid of depression and loneliness, put to an end panic and anxiety attacks, find a soul mate and a life partner, start a new business, increase their income to six or seven figures, or just live more balanced lives. However, every year millions of these resolutions are never met. PhysioEmoDynamics Institute offers Emotional Fitness private sessions and group classes to put an end to the way fears, doubts and repressed emotion rule our lives and cause acts of violence that we impose on ourselves (in form of self-judgments and self-punishment, sabotaging our happiness), as well as onto others, which manifests itself in resentment, verbal abuse and often – physical violence.

Serial entrepreneur Olga Kostrova, innovator in the area of information as well as human technologies, for the last 5 years has being offering pro bono work serving those who are depressed and in need of emotional support, refining her PhysioEmoDynamics System. Now in order to popularize her findings she travels internationally; to make this service widely available Emotional Fitness private sessions are offered at affordable prices and held on clients’ location.

Emotional Fitness parties are the solution for scaling PhysioEmoDynamics System to make it affordable, and often free for those who need emotional recovery and maintenance the most.

Emotional Fitness parties were seeded in Silicon Valley where, as Olga believes, information technologies must meet human technologies. With support of Jan Hutchins, former mayor of Los Gatos and San Francisco Bay Area TV anchor, Emotional Fitness parties have a place among the other transformational arts practiced at his Yoga Center Of Los Gatos. Every 2nd Saturday of the month guests can attend these unique events and experience profound emotional healing.

“I’m thrilled to have Olga and her technologies become a part of the Center,” says Jan Hutchins. “Doing her work broke a loop of fearful thoughts in my head. I love the concept of Emotional Fitness celebrations and can’t wait to attend. Yoga is the science of living and we embrace all techniques that enhance life and help us live consciously in community.”

Emotional Fitness parties that are designed accordingly to PhysioEmoDynamics System’s framework, now are also hosted by Kostrova at various private residences across Canada and USA.

During Olga’s PhysioEmoDynamics private sessions, as well as Emotional Fitness parties, there are four major steps in the process of permanently releasing the stored tension and energetic blockages:

  1. Identification of emotional blockages through cognitive exercises, muscle testing and probing acupressure points.
  2. Intensification of emotions through breath exercises and specific physical movements.
  3. Liberation of emotional blockages through various forms of dynamic meditation and activation of acupressure points.
  4. Integration of new emotional states with various techniques that employ visual, audio and kinesthetic components added to exercises.

PhysioEmoDynamics (PED) uses a blend of physical, emotional, energetic, and cognitive healing techniques to intuitively and rapidly resolve the root cause of pain, suffering, and illness. The PhysioEmoDynamics Method does this by activating and enhancing our own minds’ natural self-healing abilities to untangle self-defeating neural clusters and re-architect mental structures.

“My vocation is to set humanity free – free from the mind. This might be unattainable dream, but that’s the dream worth dreaming,” says Olga.

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