Yoga is not gymnastics with incense sticks – Philosophy of Yoga and Meditation in daily life

Article by Ramona Meisch

Okay, Yoga has become popular, it is all over the world and everybody acknowledges that moving your body, stretching, strengthening and then relaxing again is beneficial for you. And this is how yoga classes are often – an alternative to gymnastics or Aerobics, maybe with a little more attraction because of its exotic touch. And a yoga teacher is nothing else than a fitness trainer without the fitness machines.

If you are of this opinion and want to keep it, then you can stop reading this article now.

Yoga is more than that Have you ever been to a teacher who did his or her Yoga Teacher Training in India or learned instead of learning from someone who got it from someone who learned it from someone who read a book about yoga sometime and then founded a yoga brand? It is fine if your teacher has not been to India and learned from another person or organization but your teacher should know where yoga comes from and what the essence of it is. Yoga does not mean ‘Make your body as flexible as you can’Yoga is not only the body, it is about the mind and the soul, tooWould you be surprised if I tell you that I have been to yoga workshops in which only a fourth of the time was spent on doing physical exercises? And these were some of the greatest workshops that I have ever been to.

There are so many things to do: Pranayama (breathing exercises),exercises for the eyes, of course the Asanas, meditation and then a great ancient philosophy, deep and so relevant to today’s everyday’s lifeSo why is it that so many yoga teachers neglect these other parts?

One theory is definitely that the focus of society and public opinion is, as explained above, on the physical part. There is not yet enough appreciation for the benefits of different breathing techniques, meditation still seems to be something only people do who have too much time and if you don’t have time for that, why would you even care about philosophy? Today’s life is too busy, there are too many problems to solve, just give them yoga for keeping the body fit, nothing else

So yoga teachers who offer a course and announce before that they will include meditation and philosophy may be afraid of losing clients who think that they just lose time if they come. Or maybe they don’t know anything about the benefits themselves? Others announce a yoga class and then secretly sneak in some philosophical basics, as much as they dare say. After all there may be successful business managers sitting in front of them, popular and – again most important – very busy people

Don’t let yoga become gymnastics with incense sticks No, let other people know why they should especially come for a yoga workshop where they hear about the backgroundsTell them that it is about their livesYes, thousands of years ago people had difficulties concentrating and today, too, why wouldn’t you use the methods of that time to get rid of your problems today? In that time, too, people had the longing for love, something to fulfil them or a spiritual desire and they found and described the solutions which we find today in the yoga philosophy. You will find that people are delighted to hear about this. They will tell you how for long they have been searching for answers but in the corporate business world never found anybody to ask.

Yoga teachers: please don’t hide your knowledge about the philosophy, don’t let this great wisdom be hidden from the stress and hectic of modern live because then you do exactly the opposite of what yoga says. Don’t be afraid of teaching yoga the way it is and how it is authentic and original.

And if you don’t know this by now, if you thought yoga is just for the body, there are many ways to find out more. One that I can recommend is coming to India and doing an Advanced Yoga Training for Teachers in the country of its origin. Enjoy the culture, dive into this experience and feel yoga as it is lived – and your classes at home will definitely benefit&# 13;

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Ramona Meisch is writing from Swami Balendu’s Ashram in India where you can take part in Ayurveda Yoga Retreats of several weeks as well as Yoga Trainings for Teachers. On you can find out more about the activities at the Ashram as well as workshops of yoga, Ayurvedic cooking, chakra dance parties and more abroad.

Yoga Holidays, Yoga Holidays in India

Article by Grace Bravin

Yoga is a systematic form of exercise based on body discipline and focus of mind. It is a perfect way to beat stress and tension in today’s fast pace strained working environments. Yoga practices are now becoming hugely popular among the masses and this is the reason for why more and more people are now getting attracted to the concept of spending holidays for the purpose of yoga. For anyone who wishes to have a perfectly relaxing holiday away from their heavy work routines, a yoga retreat holiday can be the best stress buster as it will help you relax and recharge your body and mind to the best levels. Yoga holidays will not only help you to attain higher levels of health, fitness, and flexibility, but also enable you to follow the path of spirituality. Yoga vacations can fill your heart with the flow of pure energy and a positive attitude towards life and therefore being prescribed for today’s younger generation as the means of combining vacations with fitness regimes.

Now-a-days some organizations are setting up yoga centres at holiday spots in different locations so that people can enjoy advantages of yoga while holidaying with loved ones. So whether you opt for yoga holidays in India, the Land of Yoga or yoga holidays in UK or at any other place, you will be able to find yoga centers to train your bodies and minds to perfect balance. The yoga lessons taught at these yoga training centres will help you understand your mind-body connection for better self-health management. A yoga holiday will serve as a guide for a fitter lifestyle through an all-round focus including attention to food and diet. With various yoga exercises, therapeutic yoga, meditation therapies, yoga asanas and yoga retreats taught here you can find the treatment for a variety of ailments which would have earlier seem difficult to cure. A yoga vacation practicing easier and most effective exercises taught at these yoga and wellness centres, will give you a life-changing experience for a perfectly restful and upliftin g break from your routines. So what are you waiting for? Plan for yoga holiday and give your routine life a break for fitness.

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Himalayan Yoga Institute is a yoga and wellness institute offering yoga retreat holidays in India, yoga holidays in Croatia, yoga holidays in Europe for enjoying benefits of yoga while holidaying. It also offers yoga training certification and yoga teacher training to become certified yoga instructor. SEO services provided by Jigney Bhachech, CEO, Opal Infotech, India.

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Get Introduced To Your Inner Soul through Meditation Courses in India

Article by John Henry

Meditation courses in India are highly beneficial in calming down one’s mind, body and soul. It shows the right path for acquiring knowledge necessary to cope with the stresses of life. Human beings, being the supreme creation of god, are blessed with the paramount capacity when it comes to solving both complex as well as trivial issues in their mundane life. But the fast paced modern world is taking a toll both on the physical as well as psychological wellbeing of mankind. To enjoy the ever streaming bliss of life, meditation courses in India are offering ways to resolve complex issues with utmost ease. These valuable techniques will help one connect with the soul and get answers to all questions that plague the mind.

The basic technique of the courses in India encompasses the method of contemplation. Through this way, an individual puts his mind at rest from the day-to-day stress and tensions, concentrating towards a particular concern, love or interest that leads the person to de-condition the mind and realize the inner strengths.

Enrolling into the Spritual courses in India will help you to learn the following aspects of a being:-

Underlying psychologyUnderlying metaphysicsThe fundamental philosophy of lifeVarious transformative effects of the coursesThe basic role of preparatory relaxation and exercisesWith the progress of the these courses, obstacles that one needs to conquerA combined and deep study of the key meditative customDifferent internal conditions with the progress of the spritual Courses

Meditation courses in India helps re-connect with the inner soul

The modern world stands only on vanity. This is the age of exhibitionism where people exhilarates in constant show offs. Moreover, there is the nerve-wrecking competition contributing to never ending stress and anxiety, straining the minds all the while. All this is nothing b ut the e xplosion of fake desires, leading to a sense of insecurity among individuals. Meditation courses in India helps individuals re-connect with their inner soul. The human body is a reservoir of energy which remains untapped and unused. With the help of these courses, an individual can explore this energy, transforming their life dramatically. Meditation courses in India help learners to harness the power of this inherent energy and emulate values like tolerance and patience, freedom and even philanthropy.

Relieve all pain through courses in India

Meditation courses in India alleviate individuals of all pressures, breaking off their artificial shell. During the time, the peace that one experiences acts in soothing one’s soul and relieving it from all sort of worldly pains. Meditation courses are just like an antidote to the problems of escalating tensions and stress. This tremendous conversion is only possible if one wishes to delve into the wonderful experience of the meditation courses in India with innocence as pure as a new born baby. Meditation courses in India helps combat with the following problems:-

Stress managementRelationship managementHealth managementEthical lifestyleDevelopment of a positive perspective

Meditation courses available in India

India, the land of saints and sages has always been the main destination for achieving nirvana. Meditation courses are available across the country like Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Goa along with the southern part of India is also a hub for .

Z Meditation center is a one-of-a-kind place in India where one can find different disciplines of courses.

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Lily Candice is regular article writer for Meditation Courses at Z Meditation in India

Why Yoga Is So Misunderstood: How it Has Gone From the Sane to the Bizarre

Yoga has come a long way from its roots in the East. As it has become more popular in the West teachers have added their own twist — both literally and figuratively. In the process of becoming so widespread, however, it often gets misunderstood by both teachers and practitioners.

Yoga is a way of life, the uniting of the body, mind and spirit. Its real purpose is not just to become physically fit or mentally relaxed but also to deepen our own spirituality, enabling us to be more caring and aware, ultimately leading to self-realization. It is about making friends with our world, true inner happiness, and having a clear mind that is free from delusion.

Developed thousands of years ago, yoga has many different aspects: ethics, discipline, relaxation, service, meditation, devotion, and knowledge, as well as movement, in order to develop every aspect of our being and bring awakening. And it is in some of these other areas that we are seeing a lack of awareness, real misuse, and even abusive behavior.

In the early days, when yoga first became known in the West, the only way to train was by going to India or by a Swami or yoga master coming from India. They were the experts who embodied the wisdom of the ancients. For instance, Ed trained at the respected Bihar School of Yoga in India in 1968, in an unbroken lineage of yoga masters. He was initiated as a Swami by Paramahamsa Satyananda, whose guru was the renown Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh.

Nowadays, trainee teachers are being taught in “yoga schools” by western teachers, many, sadly, without the benefit of the traditional lineage. As a result, misunderstandings get passed on from teacher to student, in particular the idea that yoga is basically just exercise, without the addition of the rest of the teachings. For example, relaxation is sometimes included just for the last five minutes of a class, whereas the practice of yoga nidra (pratyahara), a deep, dynamic relaxation also known as yogic or conscious sleep, is traditionally practiced for at least 20-30 minutes. Similarly with dharana (concentration), and dhyana (meditation), that are rarely emphasized enough and yet are main teachings.

We went into one yoga center near us and no one there had heard of any of the “other” yoga teachings, they just knew and taught hatha yoga as an exercise class. This is not unusual, but hatha is only one aspect of a rich and expansive system and these teachings are there for a reason: to develop conscious awareness.

In particular, we see yoga teachers wanting to be the most well known — my yoga, my meditation, my practice is the best. And even though the traditional methods are well proven over thousands of years, in an attempt to stand out from the crowd many create their own “brand” of yoga, often loosing the essence of the original meaning. It’s gone so far that, as reported in the UK Daily Mail: “Babies left screaming in terror as they are swung around head of ‘baby yoga’ guru who claims it is good for them.”

Being in the role of a teacher is a position laden with responsibility. As notoriety grows we see how easily the ego can get involved and how deluding power can become. Some teachers use their role in order to make more money (a lot of it), to have sex with students, or, as reported in a recent case, to use students to receive drugs. Gone are the teachings of yama and niyama, instructions on how to live an ethical and caring life through practicing harmlessness (ahimsa), being truthful, not being greedy, or indulging in addictions, as well as the importance of self-reflection so that we become aware of our own habits and mental tendencies.

Anyone can be a teacher as long as we chose that person to guide us, which doesn’t mean that person has practiced all of the teachings or is living a yogic life. Those that have tasted the beauty of yoga and embodied the depth, breadth, and full intent of its different forms could not harm, use or abuse another. They will have realized the beauty within themselves and be able to bring that out in their students. There is really no true yoga without love. A teacher with a loving heart is like a precious jewel.

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See our award-winning book: BE THE CHANGE, How Meditation Can Transform You and the World, forewords by the Dalai Lama and Robert Thurman, with contributors Seane Corn, Richard Freeman, Jack Kornfield, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Byron Katie, Jane Fonda, Marianne Williamson, and many others.

Deb is the author of the award-winning YOUR BODY SPEAKS YOUR MIND, Decoding the Emotional, Psychological, and Spiritual Messages That Underlie Illness.

Dream of Fairies and Angels

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Awaken your Soul at Meditation Centres during your India Tour

Article by Sanjog

Meditation is one such thing that has been practiced with dedication in India since ages. Now-a-days, this age-old practice has become very popular and people specially visit India to get the benefits of it. The power of silence and getting yourself connected to God is a unique experience that leads you to a healthy and peaceful life. Today we all are leading a stressful life in the hustle and bustle of the cities. Being busy with the work, we forgot to taste the real bliss of life. To remain healthy and stress free, meditation is necessary. It works wonders on our stressed mind and gains us a blissful experience.

This ancient proficient art is taught at different learning centers by skilled gurus and experienced mentors. Meditation is very useful for our body and relaxes our mind and soul. Each act of meditation aims at helping an individual to achieve peace and permanence.

People living in far-flung areas specially come to India to experience this divine practice. They are being aware of the importance of meditation in life which has led them to learn this useful healing practice. During their visit to India, they visit meditation centres and during their stay, they learn the technique of this age old practice. Gradually, they also realize the complete rejuvenation of their mind, body and soul by performing meditation. Now it has become an important part of their lifestyle.

Meditation tours in India are highly rewarding for those who learn this art of healing. Its results are amazingly positive. Taking training under an experienced professional is always more beneficial. There are many destinations in India which are famous for the best meditation centres. Tucked amidst the beautiful Garhwal district, Rishikesh is the place that enjoys the tranquility. The Holy Ganges has the magic that purifies the aura of the place.

Situated in Uttar Pradesh, Varanasi is another spiritual land that holds religious significance among Hindus. Being an ancient learning centre of yoga and medi tation, it boasts of having some of the best learning centres for meditation. Temples and ashrams are the places that serve as the venue for teaching lessons on meditation. Located in the southern part of India, Kerala is the land which is known across the world for its meditation resorts. Every tourist wishes to experience it during his tour to God’s own country.

In nutshell, meditation is the key to set your brains free from negative thoughts and thus balances the thought process. Like this it also helps to enhance the life of the people who seriously practice it.

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India mediation tour is being very popular among the tourists because of the positive results of meditation. You can learn this art of healing at several India mediation centres where skilled gurus and mentors teach you meditation.