4 Inspiring Quotes

These simple quotes are great pointers of the deeper Truths of life and enlightened living and can inspire one to live at a higher level.  So, below are 4 such sayings which I thought would be worth sharing with you on the blog as well.  I am sure you will find them uplifting as have others.

If you have quotes that you find specially uplifting and insightful please do share them with us in the comments section below.  Also, feel free to leave your thoughts and feedback, we would love to hear what you think of these sayings.

Be The Lion

Spirituality is rebellion; religiousness is orthodoxy. Spirituality is individuality; religiousness is just remaining part of the crowd psychology.   Religiousness keeps you a sheep, and spirituality is a lion’s roar. – OSHO –


Jesus said: the mote that is in thy brother’s eye thou seest, but the beam that is in thine eye thou seest not.

The Down Ward Dog Pose :))

The True Person is detached and humble and to the world appears confusing. The people all strain their eyes and ears,yet the True Person remains childlike. – LAU TZU –

Sleep – Samadhi

Patanjali says sleep is just next to samadhi. A good sleep, a deep sleep, and samadhi, are different only in one sense: samadhi has awareness, sleep has no awareness. – OSHO