Age-Erasing Yoga Exercises for Women

Women like to look and feel young. Yoga is great for stress relief, but it also has age-erasing benefits.

A yoga director at Loyola Marymount, Larry Payne, PhD, explains that a lot of women try yoga for stress relief, but they continue with it because it makes them feel and look younger. He states, “My students call yoga a natural face-lift.” He also says, “It cleanses, relaxes, and restores.”

Yoga improves the following:

* Circulation

* Balance

* Flexibility

* Strength

Suza Francina is a yoga instructor and the author of “The New Yoga for People Over Fifty.” Francina says, “Yoga counters the effects of the aging process by moving each joint in the body through its full range of motion — stretching, strengthening, and balancing each part.”

Erase cellulite with yoga

Atma JoAnn Levitt is the head of the integrative weight-loss program at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Lenox, Mass. She says, “Cellulite is a symptom of reduced lymph circulation.”

Lymph is a fluid that moves through vessels called lymphatics in the lymphatic system. It carries cells, including white blood cells, that help fight infection and disease. Where does yoga come in? Levitt states, “Yoga [helps] lymph flow more freely through fatty areas, flushing toxins and reducing cellulite.”

Inversions and upside-down poses, such as the shoulder stand and plough pose, are superior when it comes to moving lymph along.

Glowing skin due to less stress

Stress can cause problematic skin or make existing skin conditions worse. Yoga helps by calming the mind and body. A study done at Cornell University found that skin takes longer to heal when the body is under stress.

Improve dark circles by getting better sleep

According to a study reported in Medical Science Monitor, patients with sleep disorders were able to gain a higher quality of sleep after performing yoga and meditation during the day.

Look younger by losing or maintaining weight

The Journal of the American Dietetic Association found a connection between yoga and weight control. Researchers accredit the link to mindful eating.

Face yoga

Facial exercises can inhibit new wrinkles from forming. They also diminish already existing expression lines. When done regularly, facial exercises also refresh the skin by increasing blood flow.

Exercising the face only takes 5-10 minutes, making it easy to add to your daily routine.

Learn how to use face yoga to tone and lift the cheeks. Beautiful cheeks are an excellent excuse to purchase new blush.

Need a reason to buy new lipstick too? Teach yourself how to create fascinating full lips with face yoga.

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Rebecca completed courses in Medical Terminology, Administrative Medical Assisting, and Coding and Billing. She is recognized by the National Healthcareer Association as a Certified Billing and Coding Specialist (CBCS) and Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA). In addition, Rebecca is a former gymnast and is avid about swimming, yoga, and other athletic activities.

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