Using Yoga as a Motivation to Better Life


Article by Kayla Tang

The majority of people believe that yoga concerns experiencing pure ecstasy through the union of the mind, the soul, and the group. But, many yoga practitioners and teachers would agree that other than providing relaxation and peace, yoga can serve as a motivation for people to have an improved life because it provides limitless opportunities for an individual to be in control and unite with him or her inner self.

Today, many yoga practitioners believe that in one way or another, the ancient discipline may serve as a motivation for people to relax and concentrate on what they wish to achieve because it paves the way for the breath, the mind, and the senses to unite, thus, the creating balance needed.

The expression “yoga” denotes a Sanskrit term meaning that “union or joining.” Many people see it as an ambiguous term because it encompasses a wide range of purely physical disciplines to purely spiritual. When people talk of yoga, the phrase “asana” is always there. Asana is called one of the eight types of yoga wherein mental and spiritual health than are prioritized compared to physical endurance. Nowadays, the pair words have turned almost synonymous to modern-day yogis because they embody the same concept: relaxation though meditation.

Using yoga as a motivator

Motivator denotes factors that may influence an individual getting motivated. If you intend to practice yoga as a type of motivation, it ought not to be as confusing as it seems because you don’t must learn all the beliefs and philosophies behind it.

Although many individuals practice yoga for so many reasons, this can serve as a motivation for people especially those who see stress easily. Through yoga, one can explore the almost limitless possibilities to self-discovery. Since its depths pertain to a meditative practice or for pure spiritual discipline, yoga can indeed be an origin of motivation for people who want order and the experience of peacefulness.

For those who are planning to get into yoga to use i t as a motivation to great life, the as they open that you must bear in mind before you totally indulge in practicing yoga is setting and determining your goals. The most general benefits that one could be provided from yoga are its health and fitness benefits. Since is the situation, many yoga practitioners agree that yoga might be an impressive tool for motivation since it increases the person’s strength and flexibility, creates balance in addition to the improvement of breathing and overall posture, soothes the nerves, calms the mind while increases the person’s focal and concentration skills.

You may also need to undergo a general check-up. Since yoga involves physical endurance, you could in addition want to visit an orthopedic before you undergo a class to avoid possible injuries. A check-up is important for you do discuss with your physician the advantages and disadvantages of yoga in your total health and happiness.

Aside from the items mentioned, he’re some of the things you may wish to think about before you commence practicing yoga as an origin of motivation:

– know your physical and emotional limitations.

– make sure that you commence with the easy yoga poses before slowly advancing to the difficult positions.

– know when is the most appropriate time worthy of you to practice yoga.

– make sure that you need a good yoga instructor who can attend to your needs and with advice you comprehend how you can make it as a motivation for great living.

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Strengthen Your Core: Yoga Journal To Go

The Yoga Journal podcast is a free, online yoga class by Kathryn Budig that provides intelligent, accessible, and effective yoga videos for students of all levels. In these yoga videos, Kathryn Budig provides students with knowledgeable instructions, playful sequences, and the detailed demonstrations of her student and model Rowena King. Each episode features different poses and themes in order to provide you with a wide-range of practices to keep your routine fun and challenging. The Strengthen Your Core Podcast provides you with deep focused abdominal work that will strengthen all aspects of your practice. The practice focuses on floor work including traditional boat (navasana) pose, pick-ups and learning how to jump through with straight legs on blocks. The practice reviews mula-banda and the small details of engaging the stomach though out your entire practice and concludes with counter-stretches to release the core. Visit for more videos.

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Yoga Organization Wants Posing to Become Next Olympic Sport

Polaris Marketing Research Inc. announced today additional findings from their latest survey of online Americans, supported by Research Now for data collection and analysis: Women and men respondents report different sources of stress and different ways of dealing with their stress.

Women respondents were significantly more likely to report financial issues, lack of time, family problems, living situation and relationship issues as causing them stress. Men respondents, on the other hand were more likely to say that work issues were causing their stress. Men were also more likely to say they had “no main source of stress.”

For both women and men, watching television is the most frequently cited activity for relieving stress. Seventy percent of women and 64 percent of men say they are “very likely” or “likely” to watch television to relieve stress.

“While women have more stressors in their lives, they also use more diverse ways of relieving stress. Women are also significantly more likely than men to sleep, listen to music, surf the Internet, socialize, read a book, or eat their favorite ‘comfort foods’. In fact, men were only more significantly likely than women to play video games to relieve stress,” said Polaris President Jan Carlson.

Women and men’s likelihood to engage in these activities to relieve stress did not differ by gender: work on a hobby/crafts, take a vacation, have an alcoholic beverage, and meditate.

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Yoga Exercises for Beginners

Article by Patresia Adams

Yoga has emerged as an excellent way to achieve complete holistic health. It doesn’t require much energy but more concentration. The more determined you will be doing these yoga exercises, the more benefits you will enjoy. The selection of a yoga posture also depends upon your bodily structure and health condition. In this article, I would suggest some points that will help you a lot before deciding on which yoga exercises to go for.

Find out which you’d like to perform. There are various styles of yoga ranging from Ashtanga to Kundalini to Hatha yoga. Each style has its own effects. Hatha yoga exercises are found to be more relaxing and involve less stress whereas Ashtanga yoga postures are meant to provide more energy to body. In my view Ashtanga gives the best overall workout and provides great yoga exercises for beginners. There is Bikram yoga that is almost similar to Ashtanga and provides great yoga exercises for beginners. There are various websites on internet where you can do your research to eventually find out the right one.

After deciding which style to go for, it’s time to choose the medium to practice. Either you can join a local yoga class in your locality or you can join online yoga classes which offer much convenience and homely atmosphere. The major benefit of online yoga exercises is that you can fix your own schedule so it will not hinder your other tasks. If you are a working professional then joining an online yoga class can be of much benefit.

There are numerous forum websites on the internet where you can discuss about various yoga exercises and learn new techniques to practice them. While practicing yoga exercises, it is important to devote enough time and maintain a healthy dietary plan so that you can enjoy enormous health benefits from these yoga poses.

Divine Wellness is a unique health platform that provides active online information about various Yoga exercises for individual’s use through the latest technologies of interactive web communi cations. Join a yoga class online only here.

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